Jonah James aka JJ


Don’t let those baby blues fool you… this little guy is is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!



^^ he’s such a ham!!! ^^





This past weekend Husband & I had the pleasure of seeing one of my bestest friends from high school, Sarah, her husband, Jake, and their baby, Jonah James.  Jonah is almost a year old now and Sarah & Jake are expecting their first daughter in August!  Such an exciting time for them!

Hanging out with Jonah was such a treat!  I just love him!  He was seriously one of the most well behaved kids I’ve ever been around!  We also got to witness one of his milestones… drinking through a straw for the first time! :)

He let me hold his little hands while he attempted to walk, he shared some super yummy (yucky) dried yogurt baby snacks with me… Jonah knew what he was doing, such a flirt… Can’t wait to see my lil man again!  Hopefully really soon!

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