Happy Baby Daddy Day!

^^ This guy keeps the Daddy bar set pretty darn high! ^^

On Friday, Husband had his first invite to have Father’s Day breakfast at Bennett’s school.  Oh!  I don’t think I have mentioned on here that Bennett had started school… here are a few pictures of him on his first day, and then I will get back to the post dedicated to Husband ;)

That’s Bennett’s teacher on the far right, Ms. Tracey.  He really seems to like her and seems to be really enjoying school as a whole!  No tears, always happy when I get there to pick him up and it’s not because he sees me, he is just having a good time!  Anyway, back to Father’s Day… So, Husband had the Father’s Day breakfast.  They got there and everyone ate muffins and waffles (and I think there was some other stuff but I forgot).  No mom’s were there at all :( I thought for sure he would send me a text saying all the moms were there and for me to come join them… whaaaaahhh!!  After breakfast they handed out the presents- Husband got a new grilling glove custom with Bennett’s handprints, name, and year, he also got a paper tie with coloring artwork that Bennett did himself, inside the tie was a Snickers bar!  He also got a card with the sweetest Father’s Day poem in it!  Too say I was a tad bit jealous would be an understatement, but boy, does this daddy deserve all the love!

Husband, you are the best father for so many reasons, but the top three that come to mind are:

1. You are a great example for these boys!  You are a hard worker, you love their mama, you spend every free moment with them… if they grow up to be just like you, I will be so proud!

2. You provide for these boys far and beyond what is expected of any father.  These boys will never have a need that will not be met because you make sure that they are taken care of.

3. You light up the room when you walk in!  You never let the stress of the day come home with you, when you walk in they are your only priority and they love it! Their eyes get big and they get a grin from ear to ear!  They just adore you!

Husband, the boys & I are so lucky to have you!  We love you!

Happy Father’s Day!

my forever valentine


Husband got back from his sailing trip on Friday night and Bennett & I were so excited to see him return in one piece!  Being away from him for a week was really eye opening for me.  Not only do I have so much respect for the single mama’s out there who do everything by themselves, but also, I respect how much my husband really contributes to the parenting of our son!  The littlest of things can seem daunting at times, but having him around to help is such a wonderful thing that I never want to take for granted.

Knowing that this man will be my forever Valentine makes my heart so happy.  I know I say this a lot, but he really is the best thing that ever happened to me.  He treats me like a queen, takes {over-the-top} impeccable care of me, and always puts me first.  He’s such an incredible man and I’m proud to be his lady.

Yesterday, Husband & I celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.  They had the Dare to Dream exhibit on display where it showed a detailed timeline of the relationship between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.  It was pretty awesome to see all of the work that Dali did and the influences he had on some of Disney’s work!  After the museum, we had a yummy dinner date at Noble Crust where everything from the cocktails, to the apps, to the entrées, to the dessert were awesome!  Will definitely be back again soon!

Doesn’t this look so good?!? ::


The most gorgeous floral design, it’s seriously art.  Husband did SO good!


Thank you, Husband, for another beautiful Valentine’s Day!  I love you!


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to my incredible husband who has really stepped into the role of “daddy” perfectly.  To share this journey in parenthood with you has been the best experience of my life so far.  It’s amazing to watch you come home after a really long, difficult day at work and still have the energy to take over and help me with the baby.  You have no idea how appreciated you are.  When Bennett hears your voice and shows in his eyes that he recognizes you, it’s the most precious moment.  He loves you so much… almost as much as I do :).  He & I feel so blessed to have you as our own.  The way you take care of us and make us feel safe, that’s all we can really ask for, yet you deliver so much more.

Husband, learning this baby stuff together has been so much fun so far!  I love watching us learn and grow from every feeding, blowout, cry, smile (that may just be gas)… we make a great team and you’re the best teammate ever!  Gosh, I love you.  Happy 1st Father’s Day!

IMG_2806 IMG_2957

And to the Grandfather’s… Bennett could not be more lucky to have such wonderful, loving human beings as his grandpa’s!  What fine examples these men are of what it really means to be a dad.  Making sure their families are taken care of no matter what, giving their all and dedicating their time to raising decent human beings, taking on the stressful situations that us children cause over the years, being encouraging, uplifting, dedicated to our happiness and success in life…  That’s what it’s all about!  I love these two men, one for being my father when he didn’t have to be… for stepping up where there was a void in my life and being there for me through everything and giving me (literally) everything he had to make my life amazing.  The other, for raising the most wonderful man that I would someday marry.  I’m so appreciative.  Thank you both!  Happy Father’s Day to these amazing men!

Cuatro Años






^^ Man oh man, how I love this Man!  ^^

Today marks our four year wedding anniversary, so I thought I would share a few “cutting the cake” photos with my readers.  What a special, sweet day that was…

I look back on the last four years and think to myself, wow!  Look at all that we have accomplished, all the people we have met, all the friends that we have made, all the places we have traveled, all the memories we will keep forever…  and it’s only been four years of marriage!  Of course there are lows (I would never say life is perfect), but when reflecting on our short amount of time as a married couple, I would have to say that we overcome those rough obstacles with grace.  And now, we have a little baby who will be arriving at any moment!  Expanding our family is probably the most exciting experience we will ever have and I cannot wait for this new chapter of life to start!

Husband, you make me the happiest woman in the whole world.  You work so hard and do everything possible to enhance our life together… and I just want you to know, I appreciate you in every way.  I am so proud to be your wife, the mother of your child, and your partner in life.  You are so wonderful!

I love you.  Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Boat Cruisin’ in Phuket




Soooo… when booking our trip to Thailand, one (if not the most) important attraction I was dying to see were the islands of Phang Nga Bay.  We chartered a boat in advance for one of the days we were going to be in Phuket.  Well, sure enough, the day we were to go out on the boat, there was a torrential down pour and our excursion got cancelled.  I was absolutely devastated.  Sat around moping like a little brat in our fabulous villa overlooking the ocean… I seriously thought my life was over. WOE IS ME!!!

Then, after hours of praying, the next morning I woke up and the skies were clear and the sun was out!  I immediately called the boat company and it was a GO!  Oh boy, did my bi-polar attitude take a toll on Husband… ha ha ha!  All was good in the world!  I was the happiest girl on the planet!  It was everything I expected and more. Hope y’all enjoy the pics :)






^^ James Bond Island ^^



^^ The floating fishing village of Koh Panyee ^^



As this is my final post about Thailand, I wanted to post some pics of the resort in Phuket.  Trisara was pure luxury.  Everything about it deserved the five stars it was rated.  Each secluded villa had it’s own personal infinity pool overlooking the ocean, no detail was ever overlooked, and the service was impeccable.  I will be back. For sure. ;)











And for the foodies…





I might post some outtakes from the trip at another time, but for now, thank you Thailand for being the absolute best place Husband & I have travelled to thus far (and we have been A LOT of places i.e. Greece, Spain, France, Netherlands, Canada, Hungary, Mexico, British West Indies aka Turks & Caicos, Turkey, Italy, etc…).  We cannot wait to visit again in the future!

My Boo’s Birthday


^^ a little birthday kiss ^^



^^ some cornhole ^^


^^ brews with the bros ^^



Husband’s birthday weekend was one to remember!  In fact, Husband said earlier this week that he will not be drinking for a month, that’s how memorable it was!  Ha ha ha!  We had such a great time with our friends and my brother in law came in town from Miami to join in on the action.  We hung by the beach all day and had a nice dinner to finish the evening.  Our friends brought a PEANUT BUTTER birthday cake which is Husband’s absolute favorite flavor, it was a full-on fiesta a la playa!


On Friday night we tried a new spot called Blue Agave where we had tacos and margaritas.  It was alright, definitely the hot spot in town because it was packed!  I’m a little critical of Mexican food since I was born and raised in TEXAS (yes, TEXAS has to be in all caps and bold at all times) and you know, my state is right next to the border so… yea, I’ve been spoiled with the best Mexican food on the planet.  Oh, and my family on my dad’s side is Mexican… so that adds something to my Mexican food snobbery too.  Sorry Blue Agave… but I will probably be back since the atmosphere was definitely fun!





A few days before Husband’s birthday, my gorgeous cousin, Kelly, came to visit me from Chicago!  It was SO good to catch up with her and have some much needed girl time.  Kel, I hope you and Robert can come back and visit again soon! xoxo