Bennett Wesley :: Eight Years Old





Eight years old.  EIGHT! How on earth do I have an eight year old?!?  Two more years and he is double digits!

This weekend we celebrated Bennett’s birthday at the trampoline park with his buddies from school.
He woke up, willingly took a shower, fixed his hair, and even put on deodorant (which is new for him).  I knew he was excited.  If you know Bennett, it’s hard to know what he is feeling, he is a boy of very few words and emotions, unless its sports related, in which case he can talk and analyze for hours.  It was a Bucs themed party, we all wore our Bucs gear, he played, we sang, ate lots of cake- he had the best time.  I swear he was on cloud nine the rest of the day!

My sweet Bennett,

There are so many things that make me so proud of you, but the last few months, watching you become a big BIG brother again has been the most rewarding.  You are so in love with Baby Sister Ellie, and so helpful to Mommy, it’s so fun to watch.  You will bounce her endlessly, fetch diapers, feed her, burp her… all the things.  You make her giggle and quiet her with ease.  I am going to love experiencing this relationship grow over the years…

I love that you still give me a kiss even in front of all your school friends, not too cool for me yet!  I also love that you still hold my hand, yes I have to be the one to initiate, but you do not put up a fight and that makes my heart so happy.  You are SO smart and independent and boy have you gotten good at baseball :).

I am so blessed to be your Mama.  I love you so much.

Happy 8th Birthday!


My Pregnancy Journey





It has come to an end…

My pregnancy journey, that is.  May of 2022 through January of 2023 were the beginning and end of this final pregnancy chapter in my life.  I will never forget how incredibly hard this last one was.  From the jump, it was different… much more difficult than my first two.  The first two were a breeze, I felt.  Not this one… not even a little bit.  Many days spent in bed, not able to physically force myself out.  Extreme fatigue.  Couldn’t eat or drink anything (even a drop of water) without the wrath of indigestion savaging my throat and chest with fire like heat.  And the pressure… down below… and labor, delivery and recovery is for the birds!  Don’t want or need to do that again!  Done.

But the funniest thing… I’m going to miss it.  I already do.  Ok, I don’t miss the bad, but I am sure going to miss the bump… and the kicks… and the sweet little hiccups… I have missed these things every time my three babies arrived.

And it will never be again.

I will cherish the twenty seven months that I was blessed with to carry my babies in my belly.  I will hold these memories dear to my heart, even though it feels as if my heart has left my body and is in the form of my beautiful children.

They are my whole world, and not a day, hour, minute, second… will go by… without me thanking God for them.  Thank you!

** As always, all credit for these photos goes to my beautiful and talented friend, Laura Gattis.**