Cookie Decorating!

Today we picked up an Easter themed cookie decorating kit from our local cake maker, Elises Pieces, and the boys could not wait 2 minutes before opening everything up and getting to work (and sneaking a taste)!  It’s unknown if we will be seeing the Easter Bunny at all this year, so I went ahead and decorated the entire house with all of my Easter decor to make it feel more festive around here.  The boys have been hiding empty eggs and finding them, which has been entertaining.  Poor Bennett went to hide some eggs and proceeded to tell me to go invite all his friends over to find them.  I wish buddy! But this was a fun activity & yummy treat for us!  Kept our minds off being on house arrest for about an hour :)






Long Time No See


Anyone out there???

I feel like Rose in that horrific scene of Titanic, when she is laying on the board in the middle of the ocean (that clearly was big enough for her and Leo to share but she was too selfish to allow that, and let him die…) but that’s a conversation for another time… anyway, she grabs some other dude’s whistle to let the rescue people know she is alive.  Like, I’m here!  I’m here!


Just checking in to make sure everyone’s doing all right now that the world is officially coming to an end.  Thought I would go ahead a dump the last vacation (aka meeting) pics up from a few weeks back, just to let y’all know that we are alive & well over here and that “Rona” has not got us… yet.  We are social distancing as I’m sure most of you are, and we are going on day 8.  So far it’s been quite normal for us especially since the weather here has been absolutely beautiful!!  Not much of our time has been spent inside, luckily.  Bennett had spring break last week and was supposed to start back at school tomorrow- so tomorrow will be my first day as a PreK4 teacher…. Lord, keep me sane.  His teacher has sent me all of the workbooks, and eLearning info, all I have to do is implement…

ummm…. ok.

I’ll keep y’all updated on that nonsense. But in the mean time, here are the pics from California.  We went for Husband’s meeting in Laguna, decided to take the kids and a nanny, and after the meeting was over we scooted down to Del Mar and took the kids to the San Diego Zoo, which is my favorite.  The trip did have a looming cloud over it knowing that things were changing rapidly with this virus, just felt a little off… but the kids really have no idea what is going on, we have kept them pretty sheltered so far.  I don’t turn on the news hardly at all anymore- too depressing and slightly annoying- so, I decided to take a different approach and control what I know I can, and that’s my household.  I’ll start updating the blog with things that we are doing- school and fun activities- and hopefully inspire some of my readers to let go of what they cannot control.  We need to take back our lives by enjoying the present moment even if it’s not the way we had thought it would be in these unprecedented times.  Stop obsessing over the numbers and ridiculously wrong/ lagging data they plaster all over the media, and enjoy this special time with your family.  Is it an inconvenience in our lives- yes, absolutely. But we can do our best to try to make this tolerable.  And for the LOVE OF GOD!!!  STOP PREACHING TO EVERYONE ELSE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Everyone has already heard the #flattenthecurve motto- so just stop. FYI: Your manic energy is not going to control people.  They will live how they want until they are forced to do something different.  That’s just my two cents- off my soap box now.

For now- enjoy these cute pics of my babes and pretty scenery.


























Stay safe y’all!

Remington James :: Three Years Old!

I was looking back at videos this morning of my baby, and could not believe all the recorded memories that are now so distant, but feel like they took place yesterday.  For example, I found this wonderful video of Remy taking a few clumsy baby steps on the beach, probably recorded about 2 years ago in Vero, and it just brings so much joy to my heart:

Then there’s this one of Daddy reading one of Remy’s favorite books when he was a baby, oh my goodness!! The sweetness!!

And all of a sudden (I swear I have only blinked one time) and he is three.


And he’s still got the “Remy Stare”…


Just the most handsome little boy!!  Even with snot wiped on his sleeve ha ha ha!


Remington James,

You are the coolest dude in town.  You try hard to make friends with anyone and everyone you come in contact with.  You are so sweet, helping mama in any way that you can.  The other day I had to cut up about 100 sweet peppers for the New Years Eve party we were going to, and you handed me every single one individually to make it easier on me.  I didn’t even have to ask, you just did it!

You love and admire your big brother so much.  Sometimes he doesn’t want you to love him and admire him, but you are persistent!  I’m so glad you guys have each other.  Yesterday, you both played in the pool for hours and just laughed and talked.  It was the best thing to watch as your mama!


Just like Mommy, you are an avid dog lover.  It seems like lately, every time I wake up and walk into the living room, you are cuddling Sasha on the dog bed.  You love hugging and tormenting her, but I think she enjoys it too :)

Gosh, I just love you so much!  I hate to even imagine my world without you in it.  You bring so much sunshine and happiness to every single day, and I’m the LUCKIEST to be your mama!  I adore every little thing about you and hope you feel how much you are loved by everyone who is lucky enough to know you!  I cannot wait to celebrate YOU this weekend at the beach!


your proud mommy

Welcome, 2020


On the eve of the New Year I usually do a recap of all the exciting things we got to enjoy throughout the past twelve months, but this year, this brand new year, I just want to express how grateful I am for the life that I get to live.  There are so many wonderful moments, trips, experiences to indulge in talking about again, but really, nothing amounts to how fortunate I am to have my little family.  They keep me grounded, they teach me new things about myself every day- things I want to improve on, things I love about myself, things I need to be more patient with… My husband is such a wonderful anchor, making sure we are all taken care of.  He has been working so hard to give us a life most could only dream of.  He’ s truly a gift.  Every day, he is a gift.  I’m so lucky to have my mom living a half a mile from my house in my same neighborhood.  She is so generous with her time, helps me with the kids whenever I need her, travels with us… she’s just the best of the best.  I have the greatest in-laws anyone could ever ask for.  They make everything so special, I’m so glad my boys have them to make loving memories with. And last but certainly not least, we have the BEST friends, both from the past to more recent friendships- we are SO BLESSED with incredible friendships!

As for resolutions… I hope to forgive myself more for my shortcomings.  I hope to inspire someone.  I hope to bring only joy to the people around me.  I want to work hard at giving back.  Judge less.  Accept more.  I really want to build a stronger relationship with God.  And finally, I want to appreciate every moment, in the moment.

So, cheers to a new decade!  A fresh start!  A chance to be better human beings!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Santa & Christmas :: 2019









It was a great year for Santa pics!  The boys were prepped about seeing Santa for about 2 weeks prior to the photos, and they went in prepared with what they were going to ask for and to let them know they have “been good”.


Husband & I did our annual holiday trip to NYC.  We are both so sad that Barney’s is closing its doors :(, but we got to dine at The Polo Bar which was delightful, and of course saw a show.


Our friends invited us to the Grand Floridan at Disney to have a Christmas dinner and enjoy all the wonderful decor, it was truly magical!


Then we did our third annual trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express!





We baked cookies for all of our cookie parties!





We saw the Broadway Musical of Aladdin:


And spent Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Lakeland with our cousin, Luca!


It was a Merry Christmas indeed for these Dietrich boys!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Now it’s time for a NEW YEAR!

Oh, Christmas Tree! 2019





No lie.  Our tree was up before Thanksgiving, and right now I’m having severe anxiety that it might not make it to Christmas Day without going complete brown and losing all of it’s needles…

But like all the years before, it filled the entire house with the most wonderful of smells and instantly brought all the magic of Christmas with it!  The boys were VERY interested in “helping” me decorate it, grabbing every single pricey glass ornament I own and wanting to place them ever-so-roughly on the lowest limb of the tree (EEEEEK!!! Deep breaths…).  I had to completely have an out of body experience and release control of the situation and just… let it be.

After they went to bed I was able to rearrange everything to where I felt more at peace., and we got some really sweet photos :)

Hey Santa, we are ready for you!

Bergen, Norway

Whoa whoa whoa!  Two posts in one week?!?  Who am I?!?

Bergen was our final stop on the cruise so we decided to hire a private driver and have them guide us through their town.  First stop: Mount Fløyen to ride the funicular named Fløibanen!


The funicular system was able to take us to the top of the mountain, about 1300 ft, in about 8 minutes.  Once at the top there is a lookout area where you can see the entire peninsula of Bergen.  We were even able too see our Disney ship!  Can you see it in the picture above?

When we got back to the bottom, our driver dropped us in the city center also known as Bryggen where there are many shops and restaurants to enjoy.  It is such a picturesque area of town, I enjoyed all the Christmas shops and the boys enjoyed seeing all the boats! We also walked through the fish market!










Our last visit in Bergen was the aquarium.  The sea lions really know how to entertain the children!  Highly recommend if you are in Bergen with your kiddos- my boys went crazy over these guys and it was entertainment for hours!





Here is a picture I got of our ship… I didn’t write much about the actual Disney cruise experience this time because for those who have been following along, we did a Disney cruise through Alaska a year ago and I went into deep detail about how much we loved the Disney experience via the ship.  It was wonderful again this year and we have already got a placeholder for our next one!  It’s the only way we will cruise until these kids are a little bigger…



That concludes the Norway trip!  I hope that we are able to visit again in the future- I feel we only barely scratched the surface of this great country, but feeling very fortunate to have been able to see and do all that we did with our family!  Thanks Disney!