Sweetfields Farm, 2020

I’m pretty sure this was our 5th year in a row to visit Sweetfields Farm to partake in all their fall festivities.  As always, the property was beautiful, the pumpkin patch was stocked, and the kids had a blast!  These pictures are from a few weeks ago because I just can’t seem to catch up lately… and going back to my previous post where I complained about the new editing tools for WordPress (my blog host), well… I’m still not figuring it out.  So if you are looking at this site from a desktop- I’m sorry nothing is uniform nor is it symmetric like I wish… (big pouty face & arms crossed).

BUT… I think we can officially call Sweetfields Farm during fall a tradition in this household.  The kids know what it is and where we are going.  They know what to expect and I’m pretty sure they look forward to it now.  It’s cute.  Love these sweet boys and how much they are growing to love seasonal fun things like this!











St. Augustine & Vilano Beach

Bennett Wesley :: Kindergartener!

Oh, hey there! Long time…

Today is Bennett’s first day of Kindergarten and we are so excited!  It’s such a special day, going back to school and it being your first official day of elementary school.  Though school will definitely not look “normal”, I have complete faith that it’s going to be a huge success!  Yes, he is going back to the classroom (let the mom shaming begin).  Yes, he will be around other kids (gasp!).  Yes, he will “wear” a mask (ha! probably under his chin majority of the day).

I really hope he has a great first day and I cannot wait to pick him up at 2:50 to hear all about it… even though he is a man of little words.  I will ask 100 questions in different ways just to get a small morsel of information out of him if I have to!  Stay tuned!

Now, here are some pictures of my cute Kindergartner ready for his big day!