Eleven Years :: Mallorca, Spain

Last Friday, April 22nd, was our ELEVEN year wedding anniversary. Whoa!

Normally, I spend a lot of time writing up a special blog post just for that day, but this year, we were on a flight to SPAIN! So the post is happening now :)

We have been staying in Mallorca, Spain for the past week and it has been an absolute dream.  Left the kiddos behind with their wonderful grandmothers and have been living with the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want for seven whole days!!!  We have been staying at an adults only resort called Cap Rocat which has just blown me away the entire time with everything from the service, cleanliness, food, staff, experiences, spa, etc…. I give it nothing but five stars! There are only thirty rooms on property so at any time of full capacity, there are only sixty guests.  It used to be a fortress for the military to run drills and stuff, but was abandoned by the government many years ago.  A local native ended up buying the property for next to nothing about twelve years ago and transformed the place into a global destination that would please even the most discerning of patrons.

We rented a car for a few days and did some adventuring around the island.  Stopped in places like Valldemossa which is probably one of the most quaint little towns I have ever been to.  The village square is covered with small cafes and restaurants but if you go deeper, the tree lined, cobble stoned roads narrow into nondescript home after home with narrow alley ways and almost every wall is covered in pottery filled with beautiful plants and flowers budding everywhere!  In between alleys you might catch a small glimpse of the beautiful Spanish terrain in the distance- oh it was so dreamy.  Then we moved on to Deià that was equally as charming just more of a trek to get to- one way in and one way out.  The road is extremely narrow and parking is scarce, but wow, it is beautiful to take it all in.  Lemon trees in every eyesight.  We had lunch here, traditional paella along with what  is served at every Mallorcan restaurant- bread, some sort of tomato and garlic sauce, and PLENTY of olives.  After that we moved on to the port village of Sóller where we had some ice cream and people watched.  The water sparkled as people frolicked around the beach side.  For us Floridians, the weather has been pretty chilly, 60’s and 70’s, so not much bathing suit wearing for these two.




A couple days in, we decided to drive into the capital city, Palma, to tour the gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral.  It was breathtaking.  From every angle on the exterior to the intricate work of stained glass on the inside,  it was stunning and massive!  Once you step inside, you feel as if you are stepping back into a biblical time as you go from chapel to chapel dedicated to saint after saint…  Each displayed with a description of the what you were seeing along with the artist who contributed their work to the church.  It’s a must see if you are in  Palma.  





Husband & I love a boat day any chance we get, so of course we had to take out the Cap Rocat boat and cruise around the island to see all of the terrain from the water.  So many caves, mountains, beautiful homes, and turquoise blue water surrounds.  The captain took us back into some tucked away beaches and hidden gems- it was so fun to see where the locals go on their days off.

We head back to reality tomorrow (Which I’m ready for!  I miss my babies!) but I am going to miss the peaceful calm of this beautiful place we have had the pleasure of experiencing the last week.  Feeling refreshed and happy!  Special thanks to my hard working husband who makes all of these amazing experiences a reality for us.  I feel blessed every day to call you mine and I would never take this life you provide for me and our boys for granted.  I love you.  Happy anniversary.

Remington James :: 5 Years Old


Y’all, at 3:13 this morning, my baby turned five. I cannot believe it.

This once ten pound 4 ounce newborn has grown exponentially into such a handsome, silly, fabulously imaginative young man.  He loves his stuffed animals, that he refers to as “pets”, and treats them with a loyalty that I envy.  He has recently learned how to shoot a basket with his brother and knows the exact number of shots he’s made AND one hundred percent has to run in and tell me about each and every one.

He has started to test his boundaries a bit, getting more feisty by the day, hour, minute… but his moments of sweetness still outweigh the harsh… I think… ha ha ha!

This little boy, man he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He feels alllllll the feels and definitely lets everyone know what kind of mood he is in.  I always have to remind him that he is in control of how he wants his days to go, how he wants his friends to treat him (by treating them kindly and with respect), and that he will always get back good from others when he gives good to them.  Now, he does not understand this concept in its entirety but we are working on it every day.  Teaching more empathy, when he hurts someone regardless of if it’s on purpose or by accident, just asking “Are you ok?” can alleviate so much pain that he may have caused.  Usually I have to remind him to ask if his buddy or brother is ok after an outburst of emotions, but guess what y’all?  Today, I heard him say it all by himself, and I was no where around where he felt he HAD to do it… he had no idea I could hear him!  That was a proud moment for me.  He’s a tough cookie.

I mentioned above that he is imaginative, oh my goodness (!!) he is SOOOOO imaginative.  He absolutely loves to create and pretend.  He can build big buildings with those magnet things, do y’all know what I’m talking about?  And he creates rooms for all of his little animals and “patios” and “balconies”, “windows” and a “chimney for Santa”!!  I mean, I had dolls and barbie dream homes, but I didn’t really have to create the homes.  He makes these things that are in his head and I find that so fascinating, probably because I am the least creative person on the planet.  I wish I had more of that.  Anyway… he’s a special guy and I look forward to watching him grow and learn even more.

My baby, Remington,

Gosh, my heart, I feel everything you feel.  I never want you to think that being passionate is a bad thing.  It’s SUCH a good thing!  I love how sentimental you are and I know you will learn to control those feelings as you mature.  

You are the cutest little thing.  Starting to worry more about your appearance,  you go into the bathroom, grab the hair detangler and comb and fix your hair when you want to look “handsome”.  I adore when you run out and ask me first how handsome you are.  I absolutely love when you bring home your school folder and there are drawings that you made in it with “mom” and “Remy” with lots of hearts all over.  You are such a great drawer and colorer!  Always taking your time, being careful to stay inside the lines.  

You are doing so well in school, learning all the things, and making so many friends!  You are such a great travel buddy- always ready for an adventure!

I cannot wait for your birthday party next weekend so we can celebrate how wonderful you truly are.  You make everything in life more fun (and interesting- always keeping me on my toes) just being you!

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetheart!  

I love you with all of my being,