my forever valentine


Husband got back from his sailing trip on Friday night and Bennett & I were so excited to see him return in one piece!  Being away from him for a week was really eye opening for me.  Not only do I have so much respect for the single mama’s out there who do everything by themselves, but also, I respect how much my husband really contributes to the parenting of our son!  The littlest of things can seem daunting at times, but having him around to help is such a wonderful thing that I never want to take for granted.

Knowing that this man will be my forever Valentine makes my heart so happy.  I know I say this a lot, but he really is the best thing that ever happened to me.  He treats me like a queen, takes {over-the-top} impeccable care of me, and always puts me first.  He’s such an incredible man and I’m proud to be his lady.

Yesterday, Husband & I celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.  They had the Dare to Dream exhibit on display where it showed a detailed timeline of the relationship between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.  It was pretty awesome to see all of the work that Dali did and the influences he had on some of Disney’s work!  After the museum, we had a yummy dinner date at Noble Crust where everything from the cocktails, to the apps, to the entrées, to the dessert were awesome!  Will definitely be back again soon!

Doesn’t this look so good?!? ::


The most gorgeous floral design, it’s seriously art.  Husband did SO good!


Thank you, Husband, for another beautiful Valentine’s Day!  I love you!


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