the piano & i have a love/hate relationship

The last few days I have been trying to teach myself how to read piano music again.  This has proved to be a very frustrating process, but nonetheless a rewarding one because after struggling to get through an entire song… all I want to do is play that one song over and over! And I love it!

I’m so blessed to have taken many years of piano lessons, where I can (not so easily) look at a sheet of music and figure out how to play a song… but really, there is so much MORE to music!  Just because I understand the concept of reading music and transferring it to my hands to produce a sound from the instrument… there’s much more to music that I don’t understand… and that’s ok!  It’s all about enjoying music. And that’s what I love.

I’ve watched this video a couple times since it was introduced to me by a fellow blogger and this video is what inspired this post:

One thought on “the piano & i have a love/hate relationship

  1. I have done the same thing with the hammered dulcimer….just recently bought a CD to go back over the steps, hit the right strings, make it come alive! You are young with a sharp mind…,me…not so much anymore….but we will perservere, will we not?

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