my bestie was in town last week!


and this is the only picture I have to prove she was here…

why have I been slacking on the pictures lately??  oh yea!! I made a New Years resolution to be “more in the moment” and “spend less time on my phone”.  so basically, I have been trying to leave my phone alone while spending REAL face time with people. boring!  just kidding. (not really).

anyway, my bestest was in town and we had so much fun!  there were no plans, no fancy meals, no dressing up, just good old fashion girl time.  just like back in the day when we were college roommates and would roll out of our beds and go see what the other is doing, make some coffee, watch Windy Williams & laugh about nonsense. together we caught up on all of the Real Housewives, did some pilates, went shopping!!!  it was an awesome 3 days with my sista from anotha mista.

the dogs clearly enjoyed having her in town as well… come visit again soon, Tor Tor!!  we miss you!!

My Best Friend’s Wedding


Soooo, my beautiful bestie got married last weekend…

and I have no pictures to share!!!

But I promise, as soon as Mrs. Victoria Franco sends me some of the professional pictures when she gets back from her MONTH LONG honeymoon in Africa, I will update.  Until then, my iPhone pics will have to do.

  IMG_5915 IMG_5929 IMG_5924

IMG_5921  IMG_5926


Jonah James aka JJ


Don’t let those baby blues fool you… this little guy is is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!



^^ he’s such a ham!!! ^^





This past weekend Husband & I had the pleasure of seeing one of my bestest friends from high school, Sarah, her husband, Jake, and their baby, Jonah James.  Jonah is almost a year old now and Sarah & Jake are expecting their first daughter in August!  Such an exciting time for them!

Hanging out with Jonah was such a treat!  I just love him!  He was seriously one of the most well behaved kids I’ve ever been around!  We also got to witness one of his milestones… drinking through a straw for the first time! :)

He let me hold his little hands while he attempted to walk, he shared some super yummy (yucky) dried yogurt baby snacks with me… Jonah knew what he was doing, such a flirt… Can’t wait to see my lil man again!  Hopefully really soon!