my bestie was in town last week!


and this is the only picture I have to prove she was here…

why have I been slacking on the pictures lately??  oh yea!! I made a New Years resolution to be “more in the moment” and “spend less time on my phone”.  so basically, I have been trying to leave my phone alone while spending REAL face time with people. boring!  just kidding. (not really).

anyway, my bestest was in town and we had so much fun!  there were no plans, no fancy meals, no dressing up, just good old fashion girl time.  just like back in the day when we were college roommates and would roll out of our beds and go see what the other is doing, make some coffee, watch Windy Williams & laugh about nonsense. together we caught up on all of the Real Housewives, did some pilates, went shopping!!!  it was an awesome 3 days with my sista from anotha mista.

the dogs clearly enjoyed having her in town as well… come visit again soon, Tor Tor!!  we miss you!!

One thought on “my bestie was in town last week!

  1. Tor Tor

    ❤️ U Ro!! Miss you mucho!!! I’m thinking B. Spears in Vegas seems like an appropriate meeting place for us next!! Besos!!

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