Remington James :: Five Months Old





Yesterday, this guy turned five months old.  We were so busy I didn’t have time to write a post but I did get the pictures done! (Patting myself on the back)

Husband & I were just reading Bennett’s Five Month Old Post and I wish I would have read it before I wrote Remy’s four month post because their height at four months was exactly the same and Bennett weighed only one pound less.  When I was re-reading all the things that Bennett was doing at five months, I couldn’t help but compare it to what Remy is doing… Bennett was almost crawling at five months!  Remy really doesn’t even push up on his forearms yet.  He’s trying but not quite strong enough.  And Bennett was sitting up on his own with ease, where Remy is not.  Again, he is trying and he is almost there, but not quite.

My sweet and smiley Remy has lots of social outings (just like big bro did) just his is usually with his big bro and big bro’s friends ;).  He has started going to some of his own mom group outings, but we have been so busy traveling that it makes it tough to go to all of them.  Remy just flew on this tenth flight last week on our way home from Chicago, so he is traveling a lot more than Bennett was at this age.  He does so well on the planes!

A month from now Remington will be starting swim lessons at the same place that Bennett goes (hopefully at the same time too!).  He really loves the pool and floating around.  He usually can stay in the water with us for up to an hour without fussing at all!  And next week he will be going to music class with big bro- I’m pretty sure Bennett started music class a little later but since Remy doesn’t cost anything right now, I thought why not let him tag along, I just know he is going to LOVE it!

Right now, Remy loves to find his feet and put his toes in his mouth, he is drooling like crazy (just like Bennett was), he’s not as interested in real food yet… still very happy with his bottles, hates the car seat, completely sleeps through the night- even when we are traveling and he is in random cribs, loves lots of eye contact and is just the most angelic little… ugh… big!! baby ;)

We love you, Remington!  Keep being the precious gift from God that you are to me!


my bestie was in town last week!


and this is the only picture I have to prove she was here…

why have I been slacking on the pictures lately??  oh yea!! I made a New Years resolution to be “more in the moment” and “spend less time on my phone”.  so basically, I have been trying to leave my phone alone while spending REAL face time with people. boring!  just kidding. (not really).

anyway, my bestest was in town and we had so much fun!  there were no plans, no fancy meals, no dressing up, just good old fashion girl time.  just like back in the day when we were college roommates and would roll out of our beds and go see what the other is doing, make some coffee, watch Windy Williams & laugh about nonsense. together we caught up on all of the Real Housewives, did some pilates, went shopping!!!  it was an awesome 3 days with my sista from anotha mista.

the dogs clearly enjoyed having her in town as well… come visit again soon, Tor Tor!!  we miss you!!

Another Wedding Weekend :)












Doesn’t this wedding look like something out of a movie?!?

Saturday was the most beautiful day ever!  It also happened to be the wedding day for our friend’s Carrie and Doug!  Lucky them!   Every detail was perfectly finished for this lovely country wedding… from the mason jar string lighting, to the classic cars, to the fire pits equipped with s’mores supplies… perfect!  And the bride was glowing!

I have been feeling a little under the weather so unfortunately Husband & I had to leave the festivities a little early, but CONGRATS to the happy couple!

Pura Vida!

DSCN1896 - Version 2

Seriously… Costa Rica was amazing.

I’m looking though all of my pics from the trip & thinking it’s time to plan a trip back!  We had so much fun meeting locals, enjoying the ocean & drinking cocktails out of coconuts, it made it almost impossible to leave!

So be patient with me as I get organized… I will have full vacation details soon!