Is it really Halloween again?!?










Last night was the first Halloween party of the season for the Dietrich’s and it did not disappoint.  We had such a great time!  The hosts, Megan & Blake (dressed in Star Wars theme above), really know how to throw a party!  Since Husband & I were out of town the past couple of weeks we kinda had to throw our costumes together at the last minute but I’d say they turned out just fine… if I do say so myself ;)

My friend, Cheryl, was a mime, which was super fun! There were 2 couples who came dressed as Dexter and victim (Husband & I LOVE that show), and then there was a Dead Gator Fan (pictured above) who even after finding out that she was a Seminole and hates the gators (obviously) was actually very friendly!  It’s safe to say this kitty and cowboy will be bringing our A-game next year.  These people were not playing around!  It’s making me re-evaluate my costume for next weekend…  I need to!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!  Time to watch some football!

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