A Remington First :: The Beach


Short and sweet, Remy’s first beach experience was a huge success!  Lots of sunscreen was lathered, fists full of sand was ingested, and never ending facial expressions telling his exact feelings… perfect!  We had a lovely time just relaxing and appreciating our time in the sun.  Hope you enjoy the pics!









Also!  One of my dearest friends, Sarah, came to visit from Ohio with her husband and kiddos!   So thankful for her and our friendship which has stayed strong even while being far apart!  Her kids are so well behaved and got along great with Bennett!  They are so lucky to have her as their mama- she’s truly the best!

Love you, Sarah- I know you are reading this ;)

Ballast Point






Last week we went to Ballast Point with our friends, and I was blown away!  I cannot believe that was my first time there!  My mom had told me that it was awesome, but I guess I just thought, “oh, it’s just another kid park”.  Nope, it’s pretty freaking cool!  Not only does it have a huge playground with 3 very scary, tall slides, it has a smaller playground for little kids, AND a splash pad!  But what really makes this park stand out among the crowd is the pier!  The views of Bayshore Blvd and Downtown Tampa… as Bennett would say, “WOW”!  I can’t wait to take the boys back again.  Lucky for us, it’s so close to our house.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Bennett’s second birthday, which is just around the corner.  I have been finalizing some details on the birthday party (it’s going to be SO fun!) and just reflecting on his second year of life.  He is such a special little boy, he brings so much sunshine to my life.  I can’t wait to celebrate him!  Again! ;)

Hope everyone’s week is going well, half way to Friday!


Strawberry Passion Organics Farm








So, today was pretty awesome!  The Florida weather has been killin’ it (in a good way) the last few days, so this little family of mine has been spending as much time outdoors as possible before the blazing heat comes back with a vengeance.  As soon as church let out this morning we ran home, ate a quick lunch & changed, and hopped in the car to head out to pick some strawberries at Strawberry Passion Organics Farm.  This was a first for all of us!  After a few minutes of uncertainty, Bennett reached down and grabbed a ripe, juicy red strawberry and stuffed it in his mouth.  He loved it!  He loved being able to pick whatever strawberry he wanted and being able to eat it right off the vine.  It was really cute!

Remy had a good time too, just looking around from above on Daddy’s chest.  He would get startled every time the breeze would pick up, which is actually super cute when you see it in person.  He definitely does not like being cold, just like his mama!

Now that we have tested the waters of organic produce picking, I cannot wait to take my boys to do this again!  There’s just something so wonderful about picking your food from the source, literally farm to table.  We’ll be eating strawberries for the next week!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Halloween 2016

Halloween was SO much fun this year!  B was invited to 3 different events, and he did not disappoint in the costume department ;)

He is still learning the whole Trick or Treating/ taking one piece of candy and putting it in his bag thing… he was more interested in eating his raisins than the candy he was collecting (I’m sure Husband was proud!!).

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! Enjoy the pics!

^^ Bennett the Hedgehog at the Moms of South Tampa Annual Halloween Party ^^



^^ Pumpkin Bennett at Halloween in the Village on Davis Island ^^



^^ Captain Big Bro for Trick or Treating ^^

Pumpkin Patch Fun at Sweetfield Farm











Y’all…  Sweetfields Farm was awesome!

There have been a lot of threads on Facebook lately with all of the fun things to do around town in Tampa for Fall.  Sweetfields was highly recommended, so we got the troops (aka awesome grandparents!!) together and drove almost an hour to get there- totally worth it!  Bennett had the best time!  He spent some quality time looking at the large variety of pumpkins, he watched 3 little piggies race, fed goats, ate fresh popped kettle corn, and had a photo op with an antique tractor.

Lucky for us, mother nature had dropped the humidity for the day so it was actually an enjoyable day for these outdoor activities.  The pictures above tell the story of the day pretty well, lots fun and adventure for our little man!  I can’t wait to Baby D No.2 to be with us next year for this!

September Splash Pad Fun!




It’s been a while since I dusted off my camera and brought it out with me, but, wow!  I’ve missed it!  I love capturing the joy of my boys!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!