Tres Años - Version 2

Three blissful years.

I swear, it feels like only yesterday we were in the Briscoe Manor chapel with all of our closest family and friends taking our vows.  I love looking back on our amazing day and how much fun everyone had…  We are so, SO blessed in life and in love, and I couldn’t imagine walking this journey with anyone other than you, Husband.  You are the light of my life.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary!


and another Halloween Partaayyy!!


Friday night we had another Halloween party that our entire office was invited to.  If you couldn’t tell we were a gang of gangstas!  Our office even came in 2nd place in the costume contest!  At the party they had palm readers and people who can read your cards… I had never really done that before so being the skeptic that I am, I decided to have my cards read.  My belief is that no one can tell the future.  I feel like the ladies who are reading your palm/ cards say things in such general statements such as, “you have someone sick in your life”… well, yeah.  But so does almost everyone, right?!?  Then she started talking about how I am “smart and ambitious”… I mean… really?!? I’m standing in a room with a bunch of Dr.’s! Anyway, I thought it was bogus and moved on.

Here are the pics from the evening.  I had lipstick on my teeth half the night (darn you red lipstick!!) but all in all it was a great time!












Is it really Halloween again?!?










Last night was the first Halloween party of the season for the Dietrich’s and it did not disappoint.  We had such a great time!  The hosts, Megan & Blake (dressed in Star Wars theme above), really know how to throw a party!  Since Husband & I were out of town the past couple of weeks we kinda had to throw our costumes together at the last minute but I’d say they turned out just fine… if I do say so myself ;)

My friend, Cheryl, was a mime, which was super fun! There were 2 couples who came dressed as Dexter and victim (Husband & I LOVE that show), and then there was a Dead Gator Fan (pictured above) who even after finding out that she was a Seminole and hates the gators (obviously) was actually very friendly!  It’s safe to say this kitty and cowboy will be bringing our A-game next year.  These people were not playing around!  It’s making me re-evaluate my costume for next weekend…  I need to!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!  Time to watch some football!

Costa Rica, Guanacaste : Part 3

DSCN1874 DSCN1878 DSCN1883 DSCN1885

Husband is part of a secret society. Seriously…

Ok, maybe it’s not a “secret” society but it’s definitely a club where a select group of people in the same specialty as him gather in exotic locations and bounce ideas off each other, talk about best practices & statistics & what-not…  It was our first national meeting as members and it was so cool!  We met some awesome people that we related really well with, who were going through similar situations as we are, and got a ton of good advice for our business!

For the farewell dinner, the group threw a huge party right on the beach with string lights, a live band, and fireworks.  It was a really great time!  Can’t wait for next years meeting!

There was a pretty gorgeous sunset that evening…


Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Tamarindo is definitely the “happening” town closest to the resort.  It’s very tourist driven but still has the small beach town vibe.  Tons of surfers and itty bitty bikini clad girls!

Husband & I took a van into town one of the days we were there and enjoyed a nice lunch right on the sand and looked in all the little shops full of nicknacks of local art and Pura Vida t-shirts.  It was a cool little spot just a little warm if you weren’t right on the water…


^^ Husband needed an iced coffee ^^

Exploring the land.

DSCN1941DSCN1901 DSCN1912 DSCN1944DSCN1915


^^ Proof that we went to Lola’s ^^

DSCN1922 DSCN1927 DSCN1940

’til next time Costa Rica… PURA VIDA!!!