Is it really Halloween again?!?










Last night was the first Halloween party of the season for the Dietrich’s and it did not disappoint.  We had such a great time!  The hosts, Megan & Blake (dressed in Star Wars theme above), really know how to throw a party!  Since Husband & I were out of town the past couple of weeks we kinda had to throw our costumes together at the last minute but I’d say they turned out just fine… if I do say so myself ;)

My friend, Cheryl, was a mime, which was super fun! There were 2 couples who came dressed as Dexter and victim (Husband & I LOVE that show), and then there was a Dead Gator Fan (pictured above) who even after finding out that she was a Seminole and hates the gators (obviously) was actually very friendly!  It’s safe to say this kitty and cowboy will be bringing our A-game next year.  These people were not playing around!  It’s making me re-evaluate my costume for next weekend…  I need to!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!  Time to watch some football!

the fourth day in july (weekend)

DSCN2748First and foremost, we hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!  Husband & I had a super fun weekend filled with all kinds of surprises!  My friend, Natalie, and her boyfriend, Mark, were planning to be in Florida for her birthday which is on the 5th.  Without Natalie knowing, Mark had contacted all of her friends to let them know that he was throwing her a big surprise birthday party.  Isn’t that sweet?  We all met before she arrived and when she did she was so excited!  Mark then told everyone that we were going on a sunset sail and having dinner and drinks on the boat.  It was such a nice event and very thoughtful.




Of course, the birthday party wasn’t the only surprise Mark had up his sleeve… he also proposed!!  I’m so happy for these two lovebirds!!

Congrats to the future, Dr. & Mrs. Winchell!  And Happy Fourth of July!

a DIY project for the Dietrich’s…

Pretty much the entire weekend has been dedicated to household maintenance…  I take that back… pretty much this whole month has been dedicated to household maintenance and updating. Some have been fun, some have tested my patience with Husband, but overall the finished projects have really paid off!

For a couple weeks, I had been eyeing this vintage bar that I KNEW would look lovely in our home.  Now, let me give you a little history on bars in the Dietrich household… Husband in his younger years built a very nice bar with his bare hands. Very manly. It’s a great bar!  It really is!  And originally I did not think we would ever get rid of it because I figured it held some sentimental value to him.  I was wrong…

Originally the bar I had been eyeing was being sold for some OBSCENE amount of money that I would never even entertain spending.  The next time we saw it, it had been marked down substantially, but it still was not anywhere near a price we were comfortable with.  Welllllllllll… we checked it out again yesterday and guess what?!? 75% off!  Supposedly “rock bottom pricing”!

Husband knew I had loved it the moment I saw it (weeks ago) and I think with the great new price, he was pretty excited about it to!  **::Ummmm… What handmade bar with sentimental value?::** Anyway, we purchased the bar knowing that we would have to paint it and put some elbow grease into it, but the final product makes me smile :)




IMG_4051 IMG_4041

 ^^Look Mom!! The tumblers you gave us for Christmas are now on display :) ^^


Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of Husband’s handmade bar by itself, but you can see it behind Dolce’s radar ears in the pic below ha ha ha!! :