the fourth day in july (weekend)

DSCN2748First and foremost, we hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!  Husband & I had a super fun weekend filled with all kinds of surprises!  My friend, Natalie, and her boyfriend, Mark, were planning to be in Florida for her birthday which is on the 5th.  Without Natalie knowing, Mark had contacted all of her friends to let them know that he was throwing her a big surprise birthday party.  Isn’t that sweet?  We all met before she arrived and when she did she was so excited!  Mark then told everyone that we were going on a sunset sail and having dinner and drinks on the boat.  It was such a nice event and very thoughtful.




Of course, the birthday party wasn’t the only surprise Mark had up his sleeve… he also proposed!!  I’m so happy for these two lovebirds!!

Congrats to the future, Dr. & Mrs. Winchell!  And Happy Fourth of July!

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