a DIY project for the Dietrich’s…

Pretty much the entire weekend has been dedicated to household maintenance…  I take that back… pretty much this whole month has been dedicated to household maintenance and updating. Some have been fun, some have tested my patience with Husband, but overall the finished projects have really paid off!

For a couple weeks, I had been eyeing this vintage bar that I KNEW would look lovely in our home.  Now, let me give you a little history on bars in the Dietrich household… Husband in his younger years built a very nice bar with his bare hands. Very manly. It’s a great bar!  It really is!  And originally I did not think we would ever get rid of it because I figured it held some sentimental value to him.  I was wrong…

Originally the bar I had been eyeing was being sold for some OBSCENE amount of money that I would never even entertain spending.  The next time we saw it, it had been marked down substantially, but it still was not anywhere near a price we were comfortable with.  Welllllllllll… we checked it out again yesterday and guess what?!? 75% off!  Supposedly “rock bottom pricing”!

Husband knew I had loved it the moment I saw it (weeks ago) and I think with the great new price, he was pretty excited about it to!  **::Ummmm… What handmade bar with sentimental value?::** Anyway, we purchased the bar knowing that we would have to paint it and put some elbow grease into it, but the final product makes me smile :)




IMG_4051 IMG_4041

 ^^Look Mom!! The tumblers you gave us for Christmas are now on display :) ^^


Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of Husband’s handmade bar by itself, but you can see it behind Dolce’s radar ears in the pic below ha ha ha!! :


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