5 thoughts…


1.  Fall in Florida is almost nonexistent but when the forecast says the high for the day is in the low 80’s my heart smiles.  The past few nights have been absolutely gorgeous in the 60’s and I even got to wear some boots to dinner on Thursday night!  Florida,  this “cold front” you have been allowing us to enjoy is greatly appreciated and my puppies thank you too!

2. Pumpkin is definitely in my top 3 favorite flavors/ scents.  Everything in my house is pumpkin right now. Cupcakes, coffee creamer, candles… literally everything.

3. This is not The Dietrich’s best season for football. None of our teams are doing especially well, but we are trying super hard to not keep the dark cloud of defeat around us every weekend… :( So, right now we are HUGE Houston Cougar fans!  Go coooooogs!!

4. Husband got his new iPhone last week and I’m super jealous.  Mine was ordered over a month ago & I just got an email that it will not be available to ship until mid- November.  Bummer.

5. I only have 2 more months in my 20’s.

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