Remington James :: Two Years Old

Y’all, today my baby is two.  I cannot comprehend how time is blowing by me, wasn’t it just the other day that we were heading to the hospital to deliver him?  And it’s not like it’s his first birthday… it’s the second.  He is not crawling anymore, he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night crying out for me, he doesn’t need me to feed him… my baby is growing up and I’m getting the mama blues over here.

This little boy is running into the terrible two with a vengeance.  He is rough and destructive like a tornado and will destroy anything in his path.  He throws temper tantrums and can cry with alligator tears on command.  He should really take up acting.  But then, with the flip of a switch, he can be the sweetest little angel killing you with those big eyes and wide, teethy grin :).  Oh, and boy is he smart.  He knows almost every letter of the alphabet and numbers to 10.  He mimics everything that Husband & I do.  He picked up the phone in our hotel the other day and started blabbering off a bunch of gibberish, pausing between some words as if the other end was talking back to him, then he would say “bye bye” and slam the phone down.  It was so funny!  He loves to do everything that big brother is doing.  If brother is playing trains, he wants to (destroy) play trains, if brother is jumping on the trampoline, he wants to be on it with him, if brother is brushing his teeth, he wants to brush his too.  Not sure if Bennett is crazy about the constant shadow around him, but he tolerates it to some extent.

My Remy James,

You have no idea how much I adore you.  Every single thing about you is absolute perfection and you bring thousands of my smiles to my face all day long.  I have no idea what I did so great in life to be blessed with your presence, but I feel like the luckiest mama in the world to have you.  Your smile lights up a room, your giggles make hearts melt, your little waddle run… I never want it to go away!!  Of course, I wish you would eat more, and whine less, but I know that this phase will also pass and someday I will have to get a deep freezer in my garage to hold all the food you and big brother will consume and I won’t be able to keep it stocked.

I know you are going to do such great things in this world, at least based on your fun loving personality ;), and I cannot wait to see it!  You are so outgoing and friendly to everyone you come in contact with, you like to make people laugh or at least you like to laugh at yourself while trying to make others laugh, you are precious in every way.  You light up my life like the sun.  This Mama loves you to the edge of a galaxy and back, and nothing will ever change that.

Your forever number one fan,








I read a quote the other day, “As you grow up your priorities change. Nights out are swapped for nights in, your circle gets smaller and games, drama, and partying every weekend just aren’t entertaining anymore.  You get to a point when it’s quality, like your career, your relationships, your home, your family and YOU! You want quality now.  Something that’s yours, something real, something you can grow, something you’re proud of.  As you grow up you want a future, not just for now.  As you grow up things change, YOU change… and you start to like it that way.”

What a difference a year can make.  Happy to meet you thirty-one… you can stick around for a little bit.


My Boo’s Birthday


^^ a little birthday kiss ^^



^^ some cornhole ^^


^^ brews with the bros ^^



Husband’s birthday weekend was one to remember!  In fact, Husband said earlier this week that he will not be drinking for a month, that’s how memorable it was!  Ha ha ha!  We had such a great time with our friends and my brother in law came in town from Miami to join in on the action.  We hung by the beach all day and had a nice dinner to finish the evening.  Our friends brought a PEANUT BUTTER birthday cake which is Husband’s absolute favorite flavor, it was a full-on fiesta a la playa!


On Friday night we tried a new spot called Blue Agave where we had tacos and margaritas.  It was alright, definitely the hot spot in town because it was packed!  I’m a little critical of Mexican food since I was born and raised in TEXAS (yes, TEXAS has to be in all caps and bold at all times) and you know, my state is right next to the border so… yea, I’ve been spoiled with the best Mexican food on the planet.  Oh, and my family on my dad’s side is Mexican… so that adds something to my Mexican food snobbery too.  Sorry Blue Agave… but I will probably be back since the atmosphere was definitely fun!





A few days before Husband’s birthday, my gorgeous cousin, Kelly, came to visit me from Chicago!  It was SO good to catch up with her and have some much needed girl time.  Kel, I hope you and Robert can come back and visit again soon! xoxo