Bennett Wesley :: Seven Years Old


I don’t think I will ever get over how handsome he is.  The one who made me a mommy on May 1st, 2015 (5/1/15- went into labor the night before, which was the first night of the NFL draft, husband would not leave the house until the Bucs made their first pick), born at 10:15 a.m., 9lbs 3.5oz, over 13 hours of labor, a fourth degree episiotomy (TMI), NEVER took a bottle (or paci for that matter), ball and chain newborn… my life changed so much that first year of this precious boy’s life… physically, mentally, emotionally… biggest blessing to EVER happen to me!

Looking at him today and watching videos of him as a baby, I sit back and feel beyond fortunate to be his mama.


Today we celebrate you.  As I sit here thinking about all the things that make you who you are, something comes to mind that happened a few weeks ago.  I asked you what you wanted for your birthday, something that normally would not even have to be asked by parents because their child is constantly telling them everything they could possibly want, but with you… you never ask for anything (except candy, lol).  I was recording the exchange on my phone because both grandma’s were asking for birthday present ideas, and I’m so glad I did.  I asked you what you wanted, and you deeply pondered.  You thought and thought about what it was you really wanted.  And then you said, “I don’t know”.  Almost like it didn’t matter to you at all if you got anything or not.  It was not a big priority for you.  And that is one of the million amazing things about you, my sweet child.  I love that you are so content with life the way it is. No need for anything. Just happy.

Also, since it’s your birthday, I have to brag about you a little bit.  This year, you are in first grade, and things are getting a little more serious.  School work is harder, homework every night, lots of reading and comprehension, math, tests, actual grades! and report cards that are for real!  It’s a lot, but you handle it with ease. No problem.  Every report card comes with notes from the teacher about the student, and I so look forward to that portion of it.  Every semester this year, the note got more and more detailed, and lengthy, this last one for Q3 was my favorite by far.  I’m not going to write out the entire thing because most of it was about how smart you are and… well… we all know that already, but I am just so proud of the final few lines from your teacher, she wrote:

“Bennett is a positive role model in the classroom. He arrives every day ready to learn. His assignments are neat and accurate. He works well with his peers and is always positively contributing to the class. He is a joy to have in my class and I am looking forward to a strong 4th quarter finish in 1st grade!”

Wow, it just blew me away knowing that someone so important to your every day life in school recognized these qualities in you and decided to share them with me!

In addition to school, you are still working hard to advance in martial arts, again, this is becoming more challenging because you now have to be invited to test for the next belt, it’s not just given to you anymore if you show up… have to practice more and work harder. I love that work ethic it’s producing in you. You also are in Minor C baseball where the games are becoming a bit more serious, there are outs, score is kept, no more hitting off the tee, understanding the rules a bit more, AND you have started playing on a small basketball league! My goodness you are busy. But you love it all!

Today is all about you my sweet boy. I hope you feel how loved you are by everyone who knows you. You are pure joy for me and I absolutely adore you.

Happy Birthday,


Remington James :: 5 Years Old


Y’all, at 3:13 this morning, my baby turned five. I cannot believe it.

This once ten pound 4 ounce newborn has grown exponentially into such a handsome, silly, fabulously imaginative young man.  He loves his stuffed animals, that he refers to as “pets”, and treats them with a loyalty that I envy.  He has recently learned how to shoot a basket with his brother and knows the exact number of shots he’s made AND one hundred percent has to run in and tell me about each and every one.

He has started to test his boundaries a bit, getting more feisty by the day, hour, minute… but his moments of sweetness still outweigh the harsh… I think… ha ha ha!

This little boy, man he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He feels alllllll the feels and definitely lets everyone know what kind of mood he is in.  I always have to remind him that he is in control of how he wants his days to go, how he wants his friends to treat him (by treating them kindly and with respect), and that he will always get back good from others when he gives good to them.  Now, he does not understand this concept in its entirety but we are working on it every day.  Teaching more empathy, when he hurts someone regardless of if it’s on purpose or by accident, just asking “Are you ok?” can alleviate so much pain that he may have caused.  Usually I have to remind him to ask if his buddy or brother is ok after an outburst of emotions, but guess what y’all?  Today, I heard him say it all by himself, and I was no where around where he felt he HAD to do it… he had no idea I could hear him!  That was a proud moment for me.  He’s a tough cookie.

I mentioned above that he is imaginative, oh my goodness (!!) he is SOOOOO imaginative.  He absolutely loves to create and pretend.  He can build big buildings with those magnet things, do y’all know what I’m talking about?  And he creates rooms for all of his little animals and “patios” and “balconies”, “windows” and a “chimney for Santa”!!  I mean, I had dolls and barbie dream homes, but I didn’t really have to create the homes.  He makes these things that are in his head and I find that so fascinating, probably because I am the least creative person on the planet.  I wish I had more of that.  Anyway… he’s a special guy and I look forward to watching him grow and learn even more.

My baby, Remington,

Gosh, my heart, I feel everything you feel.  I never want you to think that being passionate is a bad thing.  It’s SUCH a good thing!  I love how sentimental you are and I know you will learn to control those feelings as you mature.  

You are the cutest little thing.  Starting to worry more about your appearance,  you go into the bathroom, grab the hair detangler and comb and fix your hair when you want to look “handsome”.  I adore when you run out and ask me first how handsome you are.  I absolutely love when you bring home your school folder and there are drawings that you made in it with “mom” and “Remy” with lots of hearts all over.  You are such a great drawer and colorer!  Always taking your time, being careful to stay inside the lines.  

You are doing so well in school, learning all the things, and making so many friends!  You are such a great travel buddy- always ready for an adventure!

I cannot wait for your birthday party next weekend so we can celebrate how wonderful you truly are.  You make everything in life more fun (and interesting- always keeping me on my toes) just being you!

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetheart!  

I love you with all of my being,