Nancy Turns Ninety!












My sweet Grandma celebrated her 90th birthday this weekend!  WOW!

Technically her birthday isn’t until tomorrow… but we decided to get together as a family and throw her a big party and spend Easter weekend together.  We invited all of her friends to join in on the festivities, had tons of food & drinks & laughter…  It was a great day!

Can you imagine turning 90?  At this moment in my life, I’m not sure I ever want to be 90.  Fortunately my grandmother is still in decently good health and can still get around all right… I feel so lucky to still have her!  Not only is she still around, her mind and memory are spot on!  We talked about her favorite birthday which was when she turned 24.  She said that the reason it was her favorite was because my grandpa gave her a special locket with a picture of them and 2 of their friends (who also got married, eventually) in it. My grandma loves jewelry (like all women) so it doesn’t surprise me that she would hold that birthday memory so close to her heart.  She equally loves Mickey Mouse… :)

I wonder what parts of my life I will reflect on most when I’m at that age.  What good have a done in the world?  What legacy am I leaving?  What will my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren remember about me most?  I’ve only hit a third of the milestones she has… and I’m only basing that on the fact that I’m almost 30…

But really, I think my grandma is an incredible woman.  She married and loved my grandpa for 57 years before he passed, she raised 3 daughters with only 1 bathroom (impressive), she has 8 grandchildren, and now 4 great grandchildren!  Amazing!  She grew up in the depression, she is very good at saving money and living on a budget, she gives good advice on life, she has seen a lot of decades fly by… if only I could spend a whole summer with her like I did when I was a kid… I would help her write her life story.

Grandma, I hope you are as proud of me as I am of you.  You always make me laugh, you always make sure I’m eating more than my stomach can hold, you always help me remember what’s important in life, and I appreciate you for that.  I love when you tell me that my husband reminds you of grandpa… soft spoken, selfless, humble, generous & easy on the eyes ;)… That makes me so happy.

You tell me I’m a lucky lady, and I know you are being sincere because you’re a lucky lady too!  Happy 90th Birthday!

My Golden Birthday!









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29 on the 29th!  It’s official… the countdown to my Flirty Thirty can officially begin…

Yesterday was fantastic!  Woke up to Starbucks and kisses from the mutts, had a great birthday workout at the gym, got some fabulous presents, and had a lovely dinner at Grille One Sixteen.  Afterwards, we met up with some friends from out of town and continued the celebration!  What a fun night!  ANDDDDD I got a free cupcake! :)

My 29th year has started off with a bang, and I cant wait to see what is in store for me in 2013!  Feeling very loved and blessed!

IMG_3009-To Bobbie

Is it really December already?  Say it isn’t so!  You know what that means… time to spend all of our money!  Just kidding, Husband… (not really)

I’m really NOT into procrastinating on the present picking for my family and friends, so I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping!  Go me (insert pat on the back here)!  This year, Husband and I split up family members to buy for, so the people on my list can breathe a sigh of relief… Husband on the other hand… he will be out fighting the traffic and crazy shoppers on December 24th.  Sorry people on Husband’s list… don’t worry, I’m on that list too.

Oh, and my 29th birthday (eeeek!!!) is on the 29th!  My last year in my 20’s will officially start this month… boooooo!!!  Oh well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Let the countdown begin!