Beachin’ :: Part Dos


The second part of our mini-vacay was a little bit of the same as the first part.  Eat, sunbathe, swim, read, sleep… repeat… but on the last day we were in Vero we hit one of our staples…

Seaside Grill

Now… we are regulars at the Seaside Grill.  We only go here for breakfast because we can walk to this establishment and have pancakes & egg sandwiches while staring at the ocean.  They have a great setup with tables & umbrellas for the unforgiving sunshine, and the coffee continuously flows without even asking for another cup!  Which we appreciate…


Husband has been growing out his facial hair like a grizzly which I think is super cute… I tried out my new heart shaped sunnies that I got for $7 on etsy… all in all, it was a glorious day! Now back to the home front to pick up the kids ;)

Til next time, Vero….

Beachin’ :: Part Dos

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