A Remington First :: The Beach


Short and sweet, Remy’s first beach experience was a huge success!  Lots of sunscreen was lathered, fists full of sand was ingested, and never ending facial expressions telling his exact feelings… perfect!  We had a lovely time just relaxing and appreciating our time in the sun.  Hope you enjoy the pics!









Also!  One of my dearest friends, Sarah, came to visit from Ohio with her husband and kiddos!   So thankful for her and our friendship which has stayed strong even while being far apart!  Her kids are so well behaved and got along great with Bennett!  They are so lucky to have her as their mama- she’s truly the best!

Love you, Sarah- I know you are reading this ;)

Canada Anniversary Trip :: Day 1







Lake Louise :: Holy moly!  This place was magical!  It was seriously a winter wonderland, something straight out of a disney movie!  Or The Revenant, which was partially filmed in the Rockies… but I will talk about that more in a future post because we actually went hiking in a spot that was in the movie.  For now though, I want to focus on the little slice of heaven from our pics above, Lake Louise.  During the winter everything is covered in beautiful white snow, but I hear (and see from the internet) that during the summer when the ice melts, this lake is the most breathtakingly beautiful blue color, and surrounded by the mountains… oh my!

Driving in on Wednesday night, you really couldn’t see a whole lot.  It was actually quite scary seeing signs warning of Elk crossing, and BEARS!!  The light from the full moon was only highlighting the tips of the mountains which surrounded us on both sides, but that was it, no other light source and really no towns or even gas stations in sight!

We stayed at the Fairmont Chateau (you can see it in the background of one of the pics above) and couldn’t have dreamed of a more wonderful hotel.  Everything was superb, absolute perfection.  I never wanted to leave!  And the view from our room… just look at the first picture on this post.

I can’t wait to show you more from the trip, but with an almost ONE year old getting into everything, it’s going to take me some time, so hang in there and I will post them as soon as I can!

Proof I went in the water at Stingray City…

Not a fan.

It took every ounce of my being to get in that water… those monsters were huge and rode in packs of about fifteen.  I did not stay independent for very long.  About ninety five seconds in, I turned into a koala bear and Husband was the tree… so, no proof that I actually touched one with my bare hand (I promise I did!!!)!  Just that I got in… eh, that will have to do.  Don’t think I will EVER do this agin…








Palm Springs, CA


^^Only the most beautiful sunrise.^^









This. Resort.

Jaw dropping.


Husband & I just got back from a fantastic work week in Palm Springs.  The weather was absolute perfection, along with the meticulously manicured landscaping and mountains as the backdrop… oh my. I could live there… I could.  No twisting of any arms, I’d go willingly!  But like I said we were there for work and it was so good to see some of our friends at the same time.  There were lots of afternoons spent by the pool talking about best practices in everyones offices and us wives… well, we just talked about girl stuff ;)  We had a blast!  The week went by way too fast.  Can’t wait to see everyone again in a couple of months!






Captiva, Florida

DSCN2875IMG_4841 IMG_4831DSCN2858 DSCN2867 DSCN2862IMG_4836 IMG_4835DSCN2881

Another gorgeous weekend!  Another gorgeous beach!

A few months ago, Husband & I went to a fund raiser auction for his high school, and we won a weekend getaway to Captiva Island!  Now, this wasn’t our first time on Captiva.  Probably 2 months after we started dating, one of Husband’s best friends from college actually got married here and I was lucky enough to be the +1 ;) !   We were so excited to have won this fabulous mini vacay and re-live some of the moments from when we were just getting to know one another…

We stayed at the beautiful South Seas Island Resort which has all sorts of great amenities for all the guests that stay on the property.  Lots of places are within walking distance such as Starbucks (very important), work out facility, nice restaurants, etc…  and for those who prefer to ride in style, they provide trolleys & beach cruisers!  Very cute!

Also, there is this great little bar right on the beach (and it’s dog friendly!) that we hit up called The Mucky Duck.  It was nice to grab a drink and sit out under the umbrellas and look at the view!  What a wonderful weekend it was!  Sad to come back to reality and think about work tomorrow, but for now, I’m just going to hang on to the last bit of Sunday we still have!

Hope everyone out there in internet land had a nice weekend!

Mutts at the Beach

IMG_4637 IMG_4642 IMG_4652 IMG_4633

Awww… the dogs are seriously so fascinated by the beach.  They enjoy being on the balcony and barking at passersby ;).  But when Husband & I tried to take them down to the water… full-on panic mode.  Sasha was on high alert the whole way and when she finally sunk her paws in the sand, her eyes got real big and she was ready to go back.  Layla didn’t even get the chance to put her paws in the sand.  Maybe we will try again today… maybe. Ha ha ha!  Poor girls.

For those who are wondering where my little monster, Dolce’, is, he is staying in Texas at Grandma’s for the summer :)  We have a lot of construction going on with the master bath and my little guy seems to have a lot of anxiety and allergies when it’s going on, so we decided it was best that he spend summer vacation with my parents.  He will be back in August though!  I miss him so much!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


Viva Las Vegas!

We’re back from Vegas!  After a fun filled weekend of playing in casinos, seeing some fantastic shows (LOVE & Le Reve), overindulging in the finest eateries, and studying… (yes, it was a “work” trip for Husband… I know, weird.  Who does that?!?)  We had a wonderful time!  Aria was a gorgeous hotel and for some reason the casino always had the aromas of warm brown sugar and vanilla … heaven to me!

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving in only a day away.  I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my cousin’s Kim & Alice who are driving in from Texas to help me cook ;) and hopefully Florida will continue to have the most gorgeous weather ever so that I can take them to the beach on Friday.  Enjoy your time off, folks!