My First Mother’s Day



I don’t think my first Mother’s Day could have been any sweeter!  Came downstairs ready to head to brunch and this is what I found ^^ my perfect little baby (not to mention… fresh diaper & clothed & in car seat ready to go) and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from him and Husband :).  Husband really stepped up his game and made my day so special, gosh he’s the best.  Love you, Husband!




^^ Big yawn ^^




^^ Bennett with Daddy, Uncle Jason, & Uncle Derrick ^^






^^ Now… a little shout out to the special women in my life ^^

Baby Bennett could not have been more blessed.  These two ladies have raised the bar for Grandma’s everywhere!  Not only have they helped me pretty much every single day by holding, comforting, and loving on Bennett to give me time to shower and even take naps (!!!), they also change dirty diapers,  clean floors & bathrooms, make Husband & I wonderful meals, and are always bringing Bennett lots of gifts!  Goodness, I thought they were amazing mom’s!  They are even more amazing GRANDMA’S!  My heart loves the way they love my baby :)

I hope all the Mommy’s out there had a wonderful day!  WE deserve it! ;)

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