Bennett Wesley Dietrich :: 5 Years Old

A little over a week ago, Bennett woke up, came down stairs, and the first thing he asked me was, “Am I five?”.  This question seemed to be coming up often and the more I tried to explain that his birthday wasn’t for another week or however many days, the more he would want to know if it was his special day yet.  So, we started a countdown.  7, 6, 5, 4…  days until Bennett’s birthday.  He LOVED changing out the number on the board every morning.  He would tell us how many days were left and count it down for us all the way to yesterday when there was only 1 day left!  How exciting!  He knows that today is going to be special and that he is going to have fun :)

Last night, Husband & I were putting the boys to bed.  They sleep in the same room, in little twin beds on opposite sides of the room.  Ever since Remy was about 18 months (I think?) he wanted to sleep in the same room as Bennett, and I love it.  They are both so comfortable with the other one sleeping close by.  And their room is truly the sweetest little boys room.  Thick, tall (5.5ft) white wainscoting along every wall, navy painted on the upper walls, twin beds from Pottery Barn Kids made out of galvanized steel with wooden sliding drawers to store stuff in underneath,  two large navy trunks at the foot of each bed, a big window in between the two with a custom roman shade and a beautiful Restoration Hardware dresser that looks like it just came off of a 1920’s aviation theme’d movie.  I just adore their bedroom.  Anyway, we were putting the boys to bed, and every night we have to lay with them for a few minutes, hug them, snuggle them…

As I went to lay down with Bennett, I could not wait to chat with him a little bit.  I told him that I could not believe my first baby was going to be five tomorrow.  I was telling him he is becoming such a big boy, which he decided was a good time to compare the lengths of our arms and legs, so we both held our arms up to the ceiling, then our legs, both of which I still win at, but probably not for long.  I then snuggled him a little harder and told him how proud I am of him and started listing all the reasons why… which if I started typing them out right now, it would be considered bragging and some people don’t like that… but I’m going to do it anyway.  I told my son that he is so smart.  He can read books! He reads a new book every week to his teachers on zoom calls and it’s so awesome to watch!  He sounds out the words and follows them with his finger just as he was taught.  Such a proud thing for a parent to watch.  He can completely count to 100 with ease, he knows how to divide things up into even shares, and can cut the most perfect line with real scissors (not the baby kind that really don’t have a blade).  His penmanship is beautiful.  I told him I am so proud of this.  He started out PK4 with slightly weak fingers, so we started working with a tutor and wow!  He’s got that tripod grip down!  He writes anything and everything, doesn’t even need lines, can literally write whatever.  Now will it be super neat… sometimes.  But it’s still something I think every parent is proud of when it happens.  I then told my son that I’m so proud of his mild nature. I love that he does not feel the need to be the center of attention, and I told him that is such a strong quality to have in life.  He is so patient, can entertain himself for hours, and is becoming so independent- getting his own drinks and food, opens his own bags of chips and juice boxes.  He knows how to work the microwave and loves to make bags of popcorn then pours it into a bowl to enjoy while watching a movie.  He can dress and undress himself and knows to put his clothes in the hamper.  He can bathe himself, dry himself off after getting out of the shower or bath… Oh, there’s just so much to be proud of.

The last thing we talked about before bed was all of the details from when he was born.  I told him that he was born at 10:15 in the morning, that he weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces, and that he cried and cried the entire first night we had him.  I told him that he continued to cry and only wanted Mommy for a whole year, that he never wanted to be away from me.  Not even for a second.  He giggled while I was telling him this, but inside I felt a hint of sadness.  I’m so grateful for him and excited for all of his little milestones and accomplishments over the last five years, but something about reminiscing about that infant stage with him, made me realize (again) that he will never be that little baby who only wanted to be with me ever again.  So, I laid there hugging him tightly and kissing his face and telling him how much I love him, over and over again.

And now I’m up at the crack of dawn sobbing, writing this post for his super special 5th birthday, ha ha ha!  In a little bit, he will come down stairs, we will take some photos of just him, family will come over at 2 and the party will start…  I cannot wait to celebrate that beautiful boy!  Until then…  I will enjoy my coffee, blow up some balloons, and listen intently for little feet to start pitter pattering across the hardwoods upstairs, which always gets my heart racing knowing that I will see both boy’s faces very soon, but most importantly, today… I will see my sweet FIVE year old’s face.

I hope he feels how much I love him.  Happy Birthday, Bennett!


Bennett’s Turning 5!!


Sorry about the audio!!  I recorded this on an iPhone, it was windy, and I don’t know how to adjust the music volume in the iMovie editing app!!! Shame, shame.  Just read the questions as they come up, you can hear Bennett’s answers pretty decently… I think?!?

Love my little man!  Can’t believe he’s gonna be 5 tomorrow!

Long Time No See


Anyone out there???

I feel like Rose in that horrific scene of Titanic, when she is laying on the board in the middle of the ocean (that clearly was big enough for her and Leo to share but she was too selfish to allow that, and let him die…) but that’s a conversation for another time… anyway, she grabs some other dude’s whistle to let the rescue people know she is alive.  Like, I’m here!  I’m here!


Just checking in to make sure everyone’s doing all right now that the world is officially coming to an end.  Thought I would go ahead a dump the last vacation (aka meeting) pics up from a few weeks back, just to let y’all know that we are alive & well over here and that “Rona” has not got us… yet.  We are social distancing as I’m sure most of you are, and we are going on day 8.  So far it’s been quite normal for us especially since the weather here has been absolutely beautiful!!  Not much of our time has been spent inside, luckily.  Bennett had spring break last week and was supposed to start back at school tomorrow- so tomorrow will be my first day as a PreK4 teacher…. Lord, keep me sane.  His teacher has sent me all of the workbooks, and eLearning info, all I have to do is implement…

ummm…. ok.

I’ll keep y’all updated on that nonsense. But in the mean time, here are the pics from California.  We went for Husband’s meeting in Laguna, decided to take the kids and a nanny, and after the meeting was over we scooted down to Del Mar and took the kids to the San Diego Zoo, which is my favorite.  The trip did have a looming cloud over it knowing that things were changing rapidly with this virus, just felt a little off… but the kids really have no idea what is going on, we have kept them pretty sheltered so far.  I don’t turn on the news hardly at all anymore- too depressing and slightly annoying- so, I decided to take a different approach and control what I know I can, and that’s my household.  I’ll start updating the blog with things that we are doing- school and fun activities- and hopefully inspire some of my readers to let go of what they cannot control.  We need to take back our lives by enjoying the present moment even if it’s not the way we had thought it would be in these unprecedented times.  Stop obsessing over the numbers and ridiculously wrong/ lagging data they plaster all over the media, and enjoy this special time with your family.  Is it an inconvenience in our lives- yes, absolutely. But we can do our best to try to make this tolerable.  And for the LOVE OF GOD!!!  STOP PREACHING TO EVERYONE ELSE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Everyone has already heard the #flattenthecurve motto- so just stop. FYI: Your manic energy is not going to control people.  They will live how they want until they are forced to do something different.  That’s just my two cents- off my soap box now.

For now- enjoy these cute pics of my babes and pretty scenery.


























Stay safe y’all!

Bennett Wesley :: Four Years Old


Oh, wow.  I’m the mom of an “officially” four year old boy.  Bennett and I have been talking about how he is turning four, for weeks now and yesterday it was official.  He is so pumped to be four… he lets me know that he is “A LOT older than Remy because Remy is only two”.  He and I have been having some really great conversations lately, especially since he has started the “MAMA!!!” chant at bedtime, so basically that means I have to turn around when I’m half way back to bed, to go back to his room and sit (or lay… whichever he is demanding at that moment) with him and talk about powerful life topics like: When will the full moon come back?  How many stars can we count out the window?  Why spaceships countdown like, 5,4,3,2,1 BLASTOFF?  He is in a big time mommy phase where I’m the only one who can help him with any of his wishes and desires.  Daddy will be standing right there with a towel ready for him to get out of the shower because Bennett has of course already announced his willingness to depart from his hour long water escapade, but as soon as he realizes it’s daddy who has the towel… it’s like “how DARE they send this random person to wrap me up in my towel!  I need the peasant woman… MOM!!!!!”

I have been reflecting on the last year with Bennett and how much he has grown.  Not only is he a couple inches taller, he has matured quite a bit!  When he turned three he would barely say a handful of words to communicate, now he communicates SO well with unlimited vocabulary!   He has the best memory, WAY better than mine.  He remembers so many details from trips we have taken, names of people we have spent time with and where we were… some times I have to try to remember if he is correct!  And he always is!  Oh another thing, when he turned three he was still in diapers, now he is a big boy and does his business on the potty (for almost a year now… but still…)!  I’m one proud mama!

Yesterday was different from all the birthdays before.  Instead of having a big, over-the-top party with lots of friends, we decided to be mellow and just have family over for pizza and cake and pool time, which are all things Bennett loves!  He told me he had so much fun that he wants to have “three birthdays this year”!  Cutie!






My sweet sweet Bennett,

Two nights ago, you went to bed as a three year old and woke up a four year old!  I can’t believe that this time next year we will be thinking about Kindergarten! You are so precious and every little thing about you brings so much sunshine to my life daily.

There are so many sweet moments that you share with your brother these days.  When you guys are playing together and he walks away because his attention span isn’t quite as long as yours is, and you yell for him to come back and play some more… it’s so so sweet!  When I spy on you guys and find you both sitting on the floor in your room reading books, just the sweetest!  When you grab Remy’s feet so that you can play “This Little Piggy” with his toes and you both squeal out with laughter…ugh!!  SO SWEET!

I love that you can spend hours in the pool with Daddy!  I am so fascinated that you guys can hang in the hot tub playing and chatting for so long and never get bored.  You are always down for a new adventure.  When we went to Belize, I wasn’t sure you would enjoy being on a sailboat for 6/7 hours straight, but you completely surprised me and had the best time!  And it’s something you are always bringing up to talk about with me and reminisce on…. that and the seaplane adventure in Alaska… lol

My favorite times with you are when you show a lot of excitement.  Because you are such a chill little dude, it’s few and far between when you really get amped about things.  When you know you are going to be flying on an airplane, when I tell you we are going on an adventure, when you know it’s Tumble Bus day at school, or when you know that we are going to AlliSongs… all those exciting moments for you are so special for this mama.  I love seeing a big smile on your face and will do anything and everything to keep one on your face whenever I can!

I love you so much little man.  I hope you have the best year being FOUR!

xx Mama

Oh, Christmas Tree! 2018







I didn’t have time to post these before we left for NYC last weekend, but the tree went up last week!  … And seriously, all of the sudden, the house feels so magical with all the Christmas spirit!

The boys were in awe looking at all the lights and ornaments, I immediately pulled out my camera and started snapping photos of them and their sweet gestures.  They each took one ornament off and played with it for a few minutes, but that was about it!   I’m really surprised they didn’t start grabbing everything and pull the tree down on top of them!  I mean, sometimes these boys can be confused for wild animals…  It’s been up for about 10 days now and everything is still in tact.  This mama (two thumbs pointing at myself) is amazed!

Tree pics from the past can be found here, here, and here.

Has your family put their tree up yet?!? Do you use a real or fake tree?  I always get a real tree.  I’m sure I have written this in the past, but the smell of a live fraser fir is probably one of the best smells of all time.  My whole house is consumed in the scent and I LOVE IT!!!  Sure, the needles are annoying, and the tree will never have the perfect shape… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope the Christmas spirit has hit your homes too!  Happy December, everyone!  It’s going to be a crazy, fun, exciting month!

Independence Day, 2018






July 4th 3

July 4th 2

July 4th




I think my night time photography skills have slightly improved!  Or is that just my opinion?  Ha ha ha!  None of the pictures above have any filter on them, just slight adjustment for sharper image and straightening.  (Insert pat on my back here)

Our 4th of July holiday was filled with a lot of fun in Naples, Florida.  We had some friends who joined us with their baby daughter, and we were enjoying ourselves so much I barely picked up my camera.  But since this was the first time Bennett showed any interest in holding a sparkler, I had to document.  He obviously loved it!  Remy had fun as well just following along and observing everything Bennett was getting in to.  These boys… they keep me busy!

Hope everyone had a great time celebrating America’s birthday!  I know we did!