Turks & Caicos :: Part 1


Soooo to celebrate my turning the big 3-0 Husband & I left the country and went somewhere I had been dying to visit- Turks & Caicos!!  We stayed at The West Bay Club and the picture above was the incredible view from the room! Wowza!

The first full day we were in Turks & Caicos Husband & I were invited on a 4 hour excursion around the island to do some snorkeling and see some sights.  It was amazing!


Conch Hunting


Husband got 2 conchs while he was snorkeling!  The only guy to get any (besides the tour guide), proud wifey moment.


The boat captain cracked open the shell and pulled the conch out, cleaned it up and prepared fresh conch salad for everyone!




About a half a second after placing the conch in my hand I made him take it back.  GROSS!


Iguana Island


Toward the end of our excursion, we stopped at Iguana Island where the boat captains let us do some exploring on our own.  There was a super shallow body of water that you could walk across which called for a mini photo shoot:




and then we saw this guy…


After Iguana Island, we all got back on the boat where we then went to an area where the water was super deep where we could jump off the roof of the boat!  There was a nice lady on the boat who captured this moment and sent it to me.  I was so scared with my fear of heights and all… but I loved every moment!


On the way back to the resort this was the view from the back of the boat… pretty incredible!

The thirtieth birthday vacation was off to a great start!


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