You stay classy, San Diego.

For the Memorial Day weekend, Husband & I were in San Diego for my cousin’s wedding.  I feel like all we do is go to weddings these days, jeeeeez! It seems like everyone decided (unanimously) to get married in the Spring of 2012! Why?!? I’m really not complaining… I love having a reason to travel and party.  When we arrived the weather was a little worrisome.  Overcast & cold is not ideal, but after a few hours of Husband & I being there, the sun decided to show himself and it warmed up just a tad.

First stop:: the San Diego Zoo for the rehearsal dinner!!! :)

Oh my word. I had way too much fun for a “grown up”.  I think I had more fun then all the kids!  I absolutely adored all the animals…  I wanna go back!!

Next stop:: Del Mar, CA


L’Auberge Del Mar

The hotel we stayed at was absolutely breathtaking.  There’s no other way to describe it.  I hope that this post motivates everyone who reads it to stay here.

Of course we ordered room service, sunbathed by the pool, and did some shopping too…

And last but not least:: the Bride & Groom

Just lovely.

You stay classy, San Diego.

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