Do you guys know the lyrics to this infamous New Years Eve song?  Google them…  not really sure why this song is the “New Years Eve song”… it’s kind of depressing.  It always reminds me of that final scene in When Harry Met Sally, y’all know the part… not that Harry Met Sally is a depressing movie at all… I actually love that movie!  But they talk about the song in that last scene and the irony of the lyrics.

This year Husband & I rang in the New Year with family and friends and I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way.  We had a fantastic steak dinner (yum!), then made it home just in time to pop a bottle of champagne & watch the ball drop in Times Square.  I don’t know how those people stand there all day long… I heard that they are not allowed to drink anything or go to the bathroom unless they plan to lose their spot in the crowd.  Insanity!  It is on my bucket list though… to be in Times Square for New Years Eve… but I think I will take the option of watching from a balcony in a hotel room.  Am I a diva or what? ;)

See ya later 2012!  It’s been real… welcome 2013!!!


Auld Lang Syne


Merry Christmas to me! ;)

Growing up I played the piano for over 8 years… then I quit as soon as I left for college…. WHY DID I QUIT?!? (so mad at myself) I love playing the piano, and I wish I was picking it up quickly, but I’m VERY rusty…  I can barely play anything.

Pretty much my whole life I have always dreamed of owning a Baby Grand.  I can’t wait to start taking lessons again!  Thank you, Husband!  You truly are the best!

Christmas came early!

DSCN1579 DSCN1600DSCN1586 DSCN1611 DSCN1620 DSCN1621

It’s probably the coolest thing about being a grown up… going out on a weekday…  Of course, instead of it being a “school night” it’s a work night, which I’m definitely paying for today, but TOTALLY worth it.  Steven Tyler was just as fabulous as I thought he would be and I loved every second of his electrifying dance moves & that raspy voice!  Aerosmith– I will never miss a show again.  Promise.

The picture below is of the guitar player of Cheap Trick who was the opening act… seriously?!?  That is not an optical illusion, folks!


Rock Concerts on School Nights







This weekend was a little chaotic for Husband & myself.  We are scrambling to get things ready for Christmas, not just in our home but also at the office.  I have been making these crazy gift baskets, organizing the photo shoot for the staff Christmas card, coordinating with the stationery gal on getting things together on time, etc…  I know it doesn’t sound like much but trust me… it’s a lot.

Yesterday we got to break away from all the Christmas hoop-la and go to the Buc’s game with our friends Josh & Lea!  And even though the Buc’s lost :(  & there were some inconvenient issues with our tickets (it’s a long explanation, don’t ask)… we still had a GREAT time!  Now it’s back to the grind of the work week!  Happy Monday, folks!

It’s a Buc’s life… (their tagline, not mine)

IMG_3009-To Bobbie

Is it really December already?  Say it isn’t so!  You know what that means… time to spend all of our money!  Just kidding, Husband… (not really)

I’m really NOT into procrastinating on the present picking for my family and friends, so I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping!  Go me (insert pat on the back here)!  This year, Husband and I split up family members to buy for, so the people on my list can breathe a sigh of relief… Husband on the other hand… he will be out fighting the traffic and crazy shoppers on December 24th.  Sorry people on Husband’s list… don’t worry, I’m on that list too.

Oh, and my 29th birthday (eeeek!!!) is on the 29th!  My last year in my 20’s will officially start this month… boooooo!!!  Oh well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Let the countdown begin!