Bennett Wesley :: Four Months Old










Well, today my son is four months old. A third of a year has gone by in a flash.  People told me that time would fly when he got here, but MAN (!!) I had know idea it would be this fast.  This little guy really keeps me on my toes.  He is rolling over belly to back and back to belly… completely rolling!  So, basically that means no more, “I’m just going to leave you right here on the bed, you just chill while I fold some towels that have been sitting in a pile for about a week now, you can stare at the ceiling fan and be a happy little camper” NOPE!  No more of that… He is on the move, scooting his way to wherever his chunky legs will take him.  Oh, and he is starting to use his legs to stand up.  Of course he has the help of the people holding him, but he’s getting close to not needing the help at all.  I blame the Jolly Jumper for this fast progression that is starting to depress me.

He is beyond alert.  He is fully engaged with any and all interaction people are willing to give him.  He smiles so big and lets out loud giggles!  It’s seriously my favorite thing so far… the giggles.  It makes my heart swell up about 10x’s it’s size.  Totally bursting with happiness!

This weekend he will be on his third airplane trip since he was born <– my little jet setter :).  I cannot even count how many times he has been to the beach.  Still not diggin the bottle, wears size 3 diapers, has to be held 98.9% of his awake hours… that’s my Bennett!  I am still amazed at how much stuff a little 15+ pound baby needs to make it through an afternoon away from home.  Just thinking about all the crap I lug around makes my back ache.  My legs are covered in bruises from the car seat hitting me in the chins and thighs, I look like I’m in an abusive relationship!  It all just makes me laugh!

Bennett, you bring so much joy to my world.  Your smile is my sunshine on these rainy days we have been having here in Florida.  I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!  I love you more than you know!

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