happy throwback thursday, y’all!  this pic was taken wayyyy back in 2009 (i think… yeah, 2009- look how blonde i was!!) when Husband & I were last spotted in San Francisco.  that’s the golden gate bridge in the background… sigh…  i just LOVE this picture.  tomorrow we are heading to the west coast to spend some (long overdue) time with great friends, eat a ton of yummy food, see some sights (hopefully some that we haven’t already seen), and drink lots and lots of wine.  i’m taking my “professional” camera & lens which weighs about 300 lbs…  which in turn will be so much fun to lug around the airport, but totally worth it for all the cool shots i’m going to get while being a tourist again :)

tomorrow needs to be here already!  i’m so excited! hope everyone has a great weekend!

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