we {heart} san francisco






We are having such a great time in San Francisco!

We have already done so much and seen some of our favorite people including one of Husband’s really good friends from college, Eric, and his adorable son, Christian!  We got to spend the whole day on Saturday just being locals with them and eating at a spot called Beach Chalet across from Ocean Beach which was this adorable spot that is perfect for kids and is dog friendly!  We had some great food and they brew their own beers, which is always exciting for Husband since he is a beer connoisseur ;).

Yesterday we drove down to the Monterey/ Carmel area and met up with some of my good friends from college and we had the best day.  Unfortunately I left my USB cord for my big camera at home… so those pics will have to wait ’til we get home.  But we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends who are showing us a really great time with awesome hospitality!  Feeling very fortunate right now :)

On our way to Napa for the rest of our vacation!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

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