..:: Giving Thanks ::..

Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, right?!?

Our Day of Thanks, this year, was extra special!  My cousin’s Kimberly & Alice drove all the way from Texas to grace us with their delightful presence.  It was so nice to have some peeps from my side of the family in town especially since my parents were not able to travel to Florida this year.  My cousin Kimberly is seriously like a little sister to me & Alice is just growing up WAY too fast.  She is turning into a lovely young lady, so helpful and sweet.  We had a beautiful dinner at my in law’s house with the most gorgeous display of food I’ve ever seen!

Goodness, there is so much to be thankful for… This year, God has blessed Husband & I with some of the most incredible moments and opportunities.  I’m so thankful that we have the most wonderful parents (both sets) who love us and support us, a thriving business that keeps food in our belly and a roof over our heads, and our 3 happy and healthy mutts.  Thankful that we have made some wonderful new friends who we adore!!  The only thing I’m hoping God will bless us with next year is a relationship with my brother like it used to be…  I miss him.

Count your blessings, folks!  Health, wealth, and happiness to all! ;)

..:: Giving Thanks ::..

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