Paris & London :: Part 1

La Tour Eiffel

First things first… The Eiffel Tower was top priority when we arrived so we decided to go ahead and see the main attraction pronto.  It was just as glamorous as I remember it being when I went for a class trip in high school, except this time the weather was absolutely perfect!  Oh, and when I went in high school I don’t think I took one picture of myself in front of the darn thing…

We got our tickets in advance so we wouldn’t have to wait in the horrendous line, but you still have to wait in line… of course it was a much shorter line but still!  The sights from the second level were spectacular (I don’t think Husband could have gone all the way to the top- he’s kind of a scaredy cat… jk!  I’m the scaredy cat! ).

La Seine

We probably sat here just soaking in the sunshine and the beauty of everything around us for about an hour.  Before we left for vacation, a lot of people told us to do a river cruise and believe me… we had EVERY intention of doing so, but we completely forgot!  There were so many places we wanted to eat at and sights we wanted to see, and we had planned on doing the river cruise/ dinner thing on Thursday night when we got back from London, but it just completely slipped our minds… so sad :(

(That paragraph probably has so many punctuation errors… don’t judge- I’m jet lagged!)

This was just the beginning… part 2 later…

Paris & London :: Part 1

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