Cuatro Años

^^ Man oh man, how I love this Man!  ^^

Today marks our four year wedding anniversary, so I thought I would share a few “cutting the cake” photos with my readers.  What a special, sweet day that was…

I look back on the last four years and think to myself, wow!  Look at all that we have accomplished, all the people we have met, all the friends that we have made, all the places we have traveled, all the memories we will keep forever…  and it’s only been four years of marriage!  Of course there are lows (I would never say life is perfect), but when reflecting on our short amount of time as a married couple, I would have to say that we overcome those rough obstacles with grace.  And now, we have a little baby who will be arriving at any moment!  Expanding our family is probably the most exciting experience we will ever have and I cannot wait for this new chapter of life to start!

Husband, you make me the happiest woman in the whole world.  You work so hard and do everything possible to enhance our life together… and I just want you to know, I appreciate you in every way.  I am so proud to be your wife, the mother of your child, and your partner in life.  You are so wonderful!

I love you.  Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Dos Años

If you currently follow my blog, instagram profile, or happen to be my friend on Facebook… you probably already know that Husband surprised me with a weekend getaway for our 2 year anniversary.  But for those who are just tuning in… here’s a little recap! :)

IMG_4085 IMG_4088 IMG_4094

I only had 2 clues:

1. Beach

2. Travel time = 3 hours give or take 1/2 hour

So, living in Florida, that could be ANYWHERE! We filled up the truck and were off and running by noon… we drove, and drove, and drove, but finally… we made it!



 ^^ The beautiful Ritz Carlton in Naples, FL ^^



 ^^ yep… this is where i sat almost the entire weekend ^^


 DSCN2245 DSCN2255 DSCN2252

 ^^ watching the sunset before dinner ^^

Husband did a really good job!  The hotel was wonderful, the room had the most stunning views, every meal was delicious… everything was perfectly planned!  It means so much to me that he put so much effort and love into planning this relaxing weekend for me.  So sweet!

Saturday night we had dinner at The Grill which was excellent.  Husband had a steak while I had Halibut.  It seems I’m eating less and less red meat these days…

DSCN2268 DSCN2276 DSCN2284 DSCN2286

  2 years down and a lifetime to go!  Love you, Husband!


We’re back from Vegas!  After a fun filled weekend of playing in casinos, seeing some fantastic shows (LOVE & Le Reve), overindulging in the finest eateries, and studying… (yes, it was a “work” trip for Husband… I know, weird.  Who does that?!?)  We had a wonderful time!  Aria was a gorgeous hotel and for some reason the casino always had the aromas of warm brown sugar and vanilla … heaven to me!

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving in only a day away.  I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my cousin’s Kim & Alice who are driving in from Texas to help me cook ;) and hopefully Florida will continue to have the most gorgeous weather ever so that I can take them to the beach on Friday.  Enjoy your time off, folks!

Viva Las Vegas!


Buckingham Palace


Westminster Abbey

Where William and Kate got married :)

Big Ben

St. Paul's Cathedral

Where Prince Charles & Princess Diana were married.

Tower of London

London was by far my favorite.  Maybe it was because I knew the language… maybe it was because everyone was so stylish… maybe it was the accent…  I dunno, but I need to go back.  Soon.

Since we only had one full day in London, Husband & I did the double decker bus tour which worked out perfectly.  We got to see all of the sights and were able to hop on and off as we pleased.  The weather was amazing so I was able to get some pretty good shots of the city.  Enjoy!

Charlotte Street Hotel

I just HAD to do a little blurb about our hotel in London.  It was amazing.  Probably one of the nicest hotels I have EVER stayed in. EVER.  It was perfectly located where everything was within walking distance, the decor was absolute perfection, and the bar seemed to be a happening spot for local, young professionals.  And I can promise you this… if and when I go back, I will be staying here again. It makes me giddy just thinking about it! :)

If you are planning to go to London, please stay here. Please.

On another note… Husband & I are heading to a meeting in Nashville today so the last and final post of our trip will have to wait ’til we get back…  Oh, and Mama Olson is coming to visit this weekend!  So excited!  Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Paris & London :: Part 3

Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

This was probably one of my favorite days because we did a lot of shopping at Champs Elysees, and we all know I love to shop.  But besides that… the Arc de Triomphe was lovely.

And some other random (pretty) stuff...

Oh, and yummy pizza!

Not really sure why husband makes this face when he eats… To his credit this pizza was delicious.  The owner of Pizza di Loretta is legit.  He was born & raised in Italy and all of his recipes were his mother’s.  When we sat down, he immediately greeted us and told us his background and how he owned a restaurant in New York before he moved to Paris.  We then gave him the reigns to make us whatever he thought we would like and he did not disappoint.  So good.

Part 3 coming soon…

Paris & London :: Part 2

La Tour Eiffel

First things first… The Eiffel Tower was top priority when we arrived so we decided to go ahead and see the main attraction pronto.  It was just as glamorous as I remember it being when I went for a class trip in high school, except this time the weather was absolutely perfect!  Oh, and when I went in high school I don’t think I took one picture of myself in front of the darn thing…

We got our tickets in advance so we wouldn’t have to wait in the horrendous line, but you still have to wait in line… of course it was a much shorter line but still!  The sights from the second level were spectacular (I don’t think Husband could have gone all the way to the top- he’s kind of a scaredy cat… jk!  I’m the scaredy cat! ).

La Seine

We probably sat here just soaking in the sunshine and the beauty of everything around us for about an hour.  Before we left for vacation, a lot of people told us to do a river cruise and believe me… we had EVERY intention of doing so, but we completely forgot!  There were so many places we wanted to eat at and sights we wanted to see, and we had planned on doing the river cruise/ dinner thing on Thursday night when we got back from London, but it just completely slipped our minds… so sad :(

(That paragraph probably has so many punctuation errors… don’t judge- I’m jet lagged!)

This was just the beginning… part 2 later…

Paris & London :: Part 1