Gettin’ Silly in Philly


Seriously… What a gorgeous weekend we spent in Philadelphia!  Husband & I are sitting at the airport awaiting our flight back to Florida, but I just couldn’t wait to post a little teaser from our weekend in The City of Brotherly Love!  Honestly, when I first heard that Husband’s annual convention for work was going to be in Philly, I wasn’t too excited.  I mean, last year the annual meeting was in Hawaii… Hawaii!!!  So, in my head Philadelphia kinda fails in comparison, BUT to my surprise, I had a wonderful time!

Will post all of the cool stuff we did after we get home in a couple of hours… right now I’m just looking forward to seeing the progress on the bathroom (supposedly they were starting tile work today) and of course I can’t wait to see my three stinky mutts! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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