Let the countdown begin!

IMG_3009-To Bobbie

Is it really December already?  Say it isn’t so!  You know what that means… time to spend all of our money!  Just kidding, Husband… (not really)

I’m really NOT into procrastinating on the present picking for my family and friends, so I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping!  Go me (insert pat on the back here)!  This year, Husband and I split up family members to buy for, so the people on my list can breathe a sigh of relief… Husband on the other hand… he will be out fighting the traffic and crazy shoppers on December 24th.  Sorry people on Husband’s list… don’t worry, I’m on that list too.

Oh, and my 29th birthday (eeeek!!!) is on the 29th!  My last year in my 20’s will officially start this month… boooooo!!!  Oh well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Let the countdown begin!

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