Saturday = Gator Gameday

Husband is legitimately part of the “Gator Nation”.  He bleeds orange and blue.  He invested eight long years of his scholarly life at this establishment, and he loves Gator football.  So… I’m a Gator by marriage, but if my Pepperdine Waves EVER start a football team, I will be at EVERY game (not likely, but I’m just putting that out there). Anyway, that being said, my in-laws are huge Gator fans as well!  And since they are AMAZING, they allow Husband & I to enjoy their season tickets with them!

It was a hot one.  Sitting in the north end zone in the sunshine seats can have its disadvantages:

1. sweat

2. more sweat

3. sunburn

4. and more sweat

BUT the view of the field can’t be beat!  And as long as you are smart and stay hydrated these 12:30 games aren’t so bad… We had so much fun especially since it was a total BEAT DOWN!  Sorry Kentucky fans… oh and where else can you see quality fans like this:

Saturday = Gator Gameday

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