Bennett Wesley :: Kindergartener!

Oh, hey there! Long time…

Today is Bennett’s first day of Kindergarten and we are so excited!  It’s such a special day, going back to school and it being your first official day of elementary school.  Though school will definitely not look “normal”, I have complete faith that it’s going to be a huge success!  Yes, he is going back to the classroom (let the mom shaming begin).  Yes, he will be around other kids (gasp!).  Yes, he will “wear” a mask (ha! probably under his chin majority of the day).

I really hope he has a great first day and I cannot wait to pick him up at 2:50 to hear all about it… even though he is a man of little words.  I will ask 100 questions in different ways just to get a small morsel of information out of him if I have to!  Stay tuned!

Now, here are some pictures of my cute Kindergartner ready for his big day!



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