Remington James :: Three Months Old







This. Little. Dude… he melts my heart.

Does a moment in time get any better than when your sweet little baby looks into your eyes and smiles?  Like you are their most favorite person in the world?  Like they are just stoked to have your attention for even just a split second?  Those baby smiles… killer!

Remy has been working on some milestones lately.  He tracks anything and everything with his eyes, can take your finger and pull it towards his mouth (the pediatrician told me this was something they look for at their four month check up), he is beginning to push up on his forearms, and sometimes during tummy time I almost hold my breath thinking he is going to roll over at any second!

Bennett is starting to show a little more attention to the needs of baby brother.  The other day we were on a long walk around the neighborhood and he took Remy’s bottle and fed him the whole way home.  Even after Remy was fast asleep and no longer needed the bottle… ha ha ha!  It was so precious to watch.  Bennett was very concerned that Remy needed that bottle.


I like to tag Bennett’s monthly updates with Remy’s so that I can reminisce and see the differences between the two boys.  Looking back on Bennett at three months these boys are so much alike.  Remy doesn’t like to be in the same place or playing with the same toy for longer than 10 minutes max.  He also is having similar sleeping patterns as Bennett did- some nights he sleeps all the way through and others he is up one or two times.  It’s crazy!  He is starting to drool a lot and rub his gums with his little hand- teeth will be coming shortly…

We are so lucky to have you, sweet little dude!  Our whole family adores you so much!  We love you, Baby Remy!

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