Remington James :: Five Months Old





Yesterday, this guy turned five months old.  We were so busy I didn’t have time to write a post but I did get the pictures done! (Patting myself on the back)

Husband & I were just reading Bennett’s Five Month Old Post and I wish I would have read it before I wrote Remy’s four month post because their height at four months was exactly the same and Bennett weighed only one pound less.  When I was re-reading all the things that Bennett was doing at five months, I couldn’t help but compare it to what Remy is doing… Bennett was almost crawling at five months!  Remy really doesn’t even push up on his forearms yet.  He’s trying but not quite strong enough.  And Bennett was sitting up on his own with ease, where Remy is not.  Again, he is trying and he is almost there, but not quite.

My sweet and smiley Remy has lots of social outings (just like big bro did) just his is usually with his big bro and big bro’s friends ;).  He has started going to some of his own mom group outings, but we have been so busy traveling that it makes it tough to go to all of them.  Remy just flew on this tenth flight last week on our way home from Chicago, so he is traveling a lot more than Bennett was at this age.  He does so well on the planes!

A month from now Remington will be starting swim lessons at the same place that Bennett goes (hopefully at the same time too!).  He really loves the pool and floating around.  He usually can stay in the water with us for up to an hour without fussing at all!  And next week he will be going to music class with big bro- I’m pretty sure Bennett started music class a little later but since Remy doesn’t cost anything right now, I thought why not let him tag along, I just know he is going to LOVE it!

Right now, Remy loves to find his feet and put his toes in his mouth, he is drooling like crazy (just like Bennett was), he’s not as interested in real food yet… still very happy with his bottles, hates the car seat, completely sleeps through the night- even when we are traveling and he is in random cribs, loves lots of eye contact and is just the most angelic little… ugh… big!! baby ;)

We love you, Remington!  Keep being the precious gift from God that you are to me!


Remington James :: Four Months Old


I was reading the post from Bennett’s four month update, and as I was catching up, I could not believe all the similarities. Remy is rolling from front to back, back to front. He is giggling and coo-ing for anyone and everyone. He’s a great eater (at least 32 oz. a day!). By this age, Bennett was already playing in the Jolly Jumper, but I haven’t felt as confident putting Remy in it yet, only because he doesn’t hold his head up quite as well as Bennett did. But he is getting there. We have been doing much more yummy time and he is lifting his head much higher than before. Maybe within the next week or so he can try some of Bennett’s old activity toys.

According to his measurements from the pediatrician, he is 16.13 lbs and 28 inches long. The medical assistant couldn’t believe how long he was, she made me lay him out again so she could remeasure. Sure enough she was accurate. 28 inches! Gonna be a tall dude!  Remy has officially found his toes and loves to play with them.  I haven’t caught him with his foot in his mouth yet, but I’m sure it’s going to happen soon!

This little guy loves looking at himself in the mirror, can grab things that are in front of his face, he is starting to sit in a bumbo for small periods of time, and enjoys hugging a lovey.  He loves to kick his legs as hard as he can, enjoys listening to music, and finds the water features of the pool soothing enough to sleep to.  He is so precious!

In the middle of our little photoshoot this afternoon, we had an unexpected photo bomber!  Good thing he’s cute ;)


Gah!  I love these babies!  So freaking much!

Remington James :: Three Months Old







This. Little. Dude… he melts my heart.

Does a moment in time get any better than when your sweet little baby looks into your eyes and smiles?  Like you are their most favorite person in the world?  Like they are just stoked to have your attention for even just a split second?  Those baby smiles… killer!

Remy has been working on some milestones lately.  He tracks anything and everything with his eyes, can take your finger and pull it towards his mouth (the pediatrician told me this was something they look for at their four month check up), he is beginning to push up on his forearms, and sometimes during tummy time I almost hold my breath thinking he is going to roll over at any second!

Bennett is starting to show a little more attention to the needs of baby brother.  The other day we were on a long walk around the neighborhood and he took Remy’s bottle and fed him the whole way home.  Even after Remy was fast asleep and no longer needed the bottle… ha ha ha!  It was so precious to watch.  Bennett was very concerned that Remy needed that bottle.


I like to tag Bennett’s monthly updates with Remy’s so that I can reminisce and see the differences between the two boys.  Looking back on Bennett at three months these boys are so much alike.  Remy doesn’t like to be in the same place or playing with the same toy for longer than 10 minutes max.  He also is having similar sleeping patterns as Bennett did- some nights he sleeps all the way through and others he is up one or two times.  It’s crazy!  He is starting to drool a lot and rub his gums with his little hand- teeth will be coming shortly…

We are so lucky to have you, sweet little dude!  Our whole family adores you so much!  We love you, Baby Remy!

Remington James :: Two Months Old







I can’t.. even.. deal!  That smile!

A month has gone by and this guy is already becoming such a ham!  He loves putting his arms up as if to say, “Yay!  Look at me!  I’m getting so big!”  Today we had our two month checkup at the pediatrician.  He weighed 14 pounds 2 ounces and is 26.5 inches tall.  That is two pounds heavier and 2 inches taller than Bennett was at two months!  Wow!  Remy got the same three shots that all babies get at two months and took the first two like a champ and cried for the third (just like big bro).  He won’t have another appointment until four months- so no weight nor height for the next update :(

Do you guys remember Bennett at two months?  He was so serious, ha ha ha!  Remy has hit some milestones such as tracking really well with his eyes.  He will follow everyone around with his eyes like a hawk!  He is also smiling a lot!  Way more than Bennett did at this age, but now that I see how much Remy eats and the fact that we are supplementing formula along with breastfeeding, I think Bennett was just starving (I’m being facetious) the whole time he was a baby… poor guy.  If he would have taken a bottle maybe he would have smiled more because he could eat more! ;)

Remy is lifting his head like a pro.  He is sleeping in his own crib, in his own room.  Now, so far this has been a game changer for us (Husband & I).  It was a game changer with Bennett as well, but Bennett was still waking 2-3 times a night to eat (again, never took a bottle or formula) where as starting last Friday, when we put Remy in his own room, a habit has begun were he only wakes up one time a night- and it’s been almost a week of this!  Two nights ago he completely slept through the night!  When he wakes I mostly think he is upset because his diapers are saturated, but I can usually change him, feed him, and then put him right back down to sleep.  It’s so nice!

Other than that, he’s just a typical little dude.  Hanging out.. enjoying life outside the womb.  Crying, eating, pooping, sleeping, repeat.

At his next appointment we will be going as a team with Big Brother Bennett.  Bennett will be two (WHAT?!?) on that day and Remy will be four months the very next day.  All the shots are going to be crazy- the crying will be intense- but we will get through it!  I’ve already started planning big bro’s birthday party.  It’s going to be a fun one!

I guess that’s it for now, hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Remington James :: One Month


What the what?!?  Remy is one month old already?!?  Well, I guess technically he was one month old yesterday, but still… How is that even possible?!?

Today we had our one month check up at the pediatrician.  Remy was 12 pounds 4 ounces (96th percentile) and 24.8 inches long (100th percentile).  When the Doctor walked in the first thing she said to me is, “I think you have the biggest baby I’ve ever seen”.  Now, she is a younger doctor, so I know she will see bigger at some point, but y’all, Remy is a big boy.  And I don’t necessarily mean big as in bulky or obese, but his height and weight are really topping the charts!  I might have some basketball or football players in a few years!

What a difference my little Remy is from baby Bennett.  One of the biggest differences is that Remy takes a bottle with ease whereas Bennett always preferred going straight to the source for fresh milk.  Now, I will admit that this was partially my fault.  Bennett did take a bottle for a hot minute, but I guess I got lazy with the effort of making a bottle, so he just fell into his routine of not taking one.  My bad…

But Bennett and Remy have LOTS in common such as Remy LOVES to eat, loves to sleep during the day… not so much during the night, and refuses to be set down.  He cannot stand it when he is not being held.  All of which are similar characteristics of big brother :)

Since Remy has come home we have had a few moments where Bennett has acknowledged him.  Every once in a while he will try to bounce the baby in the bouncer, or he will randomly pet him like a dog… I’m still not sure that he understands that this little person is here to stay ha ha ha!  The moments that he does interact with Remy are precious though.

Sweet Baby Remy,  I love being able to see your face every day.  You are such a wonderful addition to our family and I thank God every day for your presence in our lives.  I’m so excited to watch you grow and learn with your big brother.  Most of all, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Daddy, Mommy, and Brother Bennett love you so much!