Remington James :: 5 Years Old


Y’all, at 3:13 this morning, my baby turned five. I cannot believe it.

This once ten pound 4 ounce newborn has grown exponentially into such a handsome, silly, fabulously imaginative young man.  He loves his stuffed animals, that he refers to as “pets”, and treats them with a loyalty that I envy.  He has recently learned how to shoot a basket with his brother and knows the exact number of shots he’s made AND one hundred percent has to run in and tell me about each and every one.

He has started to test his boundaries a bit, getting more feisty by the day, hour, minute… but his moments of sweetness still outweigh the harsh… I think… ha ha ha!

This little boy, man he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He feels alllllll the feels and definitely lets everyone know what kind of mood he is in.  I always have to remind him that he is in control of how he wants his days to go, how he wants his friends to treat him (by treating them kindly and with respect), and that he will always get back good from others when he gives good to them.  Now, he does not understand this concept in its entirety but we are working on it every day.  Teaching more empathy, when he hurts someone regardless of if it’s on purpose or by accident, just asking “Are you ok?” can alleviate so much pain that he may have caused.  Usually I have to remind him to ask if his buddy or brother is ok after an outburst of emotions, but guess what y’all?  Today, I heard him say it all by himself, and I was no where around where he felt he HAD to do it… he had no idea I could hear him!  That was a proud moment for me.  He’s a tough cookie.

I mentioned above that he is imaginative, oh my goodness (!!) he is SOOOOO imaginative.  He absolutely loves to create and pretend.  He can build big buildings with those magnet things, do y’all know what I’m talking about?  And he creates rooms for all of his little animals and “patios” and “balconies”, “windows” and a “chimney for Santa”!!  I mean, I had dolls and barbie dream homes, but I didn’t really have to create the homes.  He makes these things that are in his head and I find that so fascinating, probably because I am the least creative person on the planet.  I wish I had more of that.  Anyway… he’s a special guy and I look forward to watching him grow and learn even more.

My baby, Remington,

Gosh, my heart, I feel everything you feel.  I never want you to think that being passionate is a bad thing.  It’s SUCH a good thing!  I love how sentimental you are and I know you will learn to control those feelings as you mature.  

You are the cutest little thing.  Starting to worry more about your appearance,  you go into the bathroom, grab the hair detangler and comb and fix your hair when you want to look “handsome”.  I adore when you run out and ask me first how handsome you are.  I absolutely love when you bring home your school folder and there are drawings that you made in it with “mom” and “Remy” with lots of hearts all over.  You are such a great drawer and colorer!  Always taking your time, being careful to stay inside the lines.  

You are doing so well in school, learning all the things, and making so many friends!  You are such a great travel buddy- always ready for an adventure!

I cannot wait for your birthday party next weekend so we can celebrate how wonderful you truly are.  You make everything in life more fun (and interesting- always keeping me on my toes) just being you!

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetheart!  

I love you with all of my being,







Long Time No See


Anyone out there???

I feel like Rose in that horrific scene of Titanic, when she is laying on the board in the middle of the ocean (that clearly was big enough for her and Leo to share but she was too selfish to allow that, and let him die…) but that’s a conversation for another time… anyway, she grabs some other dude’s whistle to let the rescue people know she is alive.  Like, I’m here!  I’m here!


Just checking in to make sure everyone’s doing all right now that the world is officially coming to an end.  Thought I would go ahead a dump the last vacation (aka meeting) pics up from a few weeks back, just to let y’all know that we are alive & well over here and that “Rona” has not got us… yet.  We are social distancing as I’m sure most of you are, and we are going on day 8.  So far it’s been quite normal for us especially since the weather here has been absolutely beautiful!!  Not much of our time has been spent inside, luckily.  Bennett had spring break last week and was supposed to start back at school tomorrow- so tomorrow will be my first day as a PreK4 teacher…. Lord, keep me sane.  His teacher has sent me all of the workbooks, and eLearning info, all I have to do is implement…

ummm…. ok.

I’ll keep y’all updated on that nonsense. But in the mean time, here are the pics from California.  We went for Husband’s meeting in Laguna, decided to take the kids and a nanny, and after the meeting was over we scooted down to Del Mar and took the kids to the San Diego Zoo, which is my favorite.  The trip did have a looming cloud over it knowing that things were changing rapidly with this virus, just felt a little off… but the kids really have no idea what is going on, we have kept them pretty sheltered so far.  I don’t turn on the news hardly at all anymore- too depressing and slightly annoying- so, I decided to take a different approach and control what I know I can, and that’s my household.  I’ll start updating the blog with things that we are doing- school and fun activities- and hopefully inspire some of my readers to let go of what they cannot control.  We need to take back our lives by enjoying the present moment even if it’s not the way we had thought it would be in these unprecedented times.  Stop obsessing over the numbers and ridiculously wrong/ lagging data they plaster all over the media, and enjoy this special time with your family.  Is it an inconvenience in our lives- yes, absolutely. But we can do our best to try to make this tolerable.  And for the LOVE OF GOD!!!  STOP PREACHING TO EVERYONE ELSE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Everyone has already heard the #flattenthecurve motto- so just stop. FYI: Your manic energy is not going to control people.  They will live how they want until they are forced to do something different.  That’s just my two cents- off my soap box now.

For now- enjoy these cute pics of my babes and pretty scenery.


























Stay safe y’all!