Pumpkin Patch Fun at Sweetfield Farm











Y’all…  Sweetfields Farm was awesome!

There have been a lot of threads on Facebook lately with all of the fun things to do around town in Tampa for Fall.  Sweetfields was highly recommended, so we got the troops (aka awesome grandparents!!) together and drove almost an hour to get there- totally worth it!  Bennett had the best time!  He spent some quality time looking at the large variety of pumpkins, he watched 3 little piggies race, fed goats, ate fresh popped kettle corn, and had a photo op with an antique tractor.

Lucky for us, mother nature had dropped the humidity for the day so it was actually an enjoyable day for these outdoor activities.  The pictures above tell the story of the day pretty well, lots fun and adventure for our little man!  I can’t wait to Baby D No.2 to be with us next year for this!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Fun at Sweetfield Farm

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