Bennett & Aunt Kelly :)

Two weekends ago, my cousin Kelly (basically my sister) came down to Florida to visit us and meet Mr. Bennett.  He absolutely adored her!!  We (he & I both) never wanted her to leave!!  She is so amazing with babies, WAY better than I ever was!  She even babysat for an afternoon so that Husband & I could go on a date!  Wow, we needed that.  I appreciate her so much!  Come back Kelly!!  We love you so much!



One of the nights she was here, we left the babe with Husband and went out for a ladies night at The Canopy at the Birchwood.  It was a beautiful view of the pier and the marina with the sunset & the heat lightening, it was great!  Can’t wait to take Husband with me next time (whenever that may be…)!


On Sunday we all headed down to St. Pete for some lunch at the wonderful Locale Market.  Started off a little messy with some rain, but we survived and the day turned out to be beautiful!  Sitting right next to us at LM was this wonderful couple who were parents to SIX (!!!!), yes, SIX (!!) kids all under the age of ten.  I was amazed at what a great team they were… it was organized chaos that I could not keep my eyes off of.  So of course I had to walk over and talk to the mom.  She had twins (a boy & a girl) then about a year later they had another boy, THEN they had TRIPLETS!!!!!  It was impressive.  The triplets were only 3.5 months old.  They were feeding those babies like it was nothing!  It was a symphony of crying, but they were not frazzled.  I would be a NUT CASE!  Ha ha ha… Anyway, they were inspiring and made me realize my work with Bennett is not that hard. ;)








It was a really great weekend with one of my favorite people in the world.  Can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks, Kel!

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