The Big Easy a.k.a. NOLA a.k.a. New Orleans :: Part One

I know some of you may be thinking to yourself as you read this post, “REALLY???  Another weekend getaway??”

But PLEASE remember that we travel (a lot!!!!) for Husband’s job, and although most of these conferences/ business meetings are usually in desirable locations with lots of fun things to do, he does have to work while we “vacation”.  The best thing about this trip, specifically, is that it’s the last work trip for a while.  The next time we get out of town it will be for pleasure and I can’t wait!

Back to the trip to NOLA!…  We had a blast!  New Orleans is such a fun town!  So many cool things to do and see, one weekend is really not enough time, but I feel like Husband & I took advantage of all the spare time we did have and used it wisely.  We actually did so much I had to split this trip into two posts, so let’s start with the National World War II Museum.  Ummmm… Awesome!  Just awesome. I’m not the biggest fan of history, in fact, I hated studying history in school but when you see the astounding numbers of all the fallen soldiers, the arrogance of certain leaders, and the sacrifices that people made for the well being of our country, it’s truly humbling.  I love the fact that my late grandfather fought in WWII, and after walking through this museum I admire him and his bravery so much more.  If you ever get the chance to tour this museum, you HAVE to see the 4D film that is narrated by Tom Hanks.  It brought me to tears, so good!




^^actual bomber plane^^



^^ bricks can be made for those who fought ^^



We also did a three hour bike tour with Buzz Nola!  We cruised through the garden district and got to see all of the beautiful historic homes, stopped at the very first cemetery of Lafayette, and saw the place where Jazz was born and where Louis Armstrong started his career.





^^ Sandra Bullock’s New Orleans home.^^



For those who don’t know, the reason all of the burials are above ground in NOLA is because the water table is so high, with one good rain, anything underground will rise to the surface… and that would be super creepy… as if these tombs aren’t scary enough… I guess that’s why New Orleans is known to be the most haunted city in the U.S.!



So much history and I haven’t even touched on how delicious all the food was!  Most of my food pics were taken with my phone, but if you are into food, you will love what I have to share :) Yummmmmmmmay!


IMG_9304 IMG_9308 IMG_9306  IMG_9328

Part two coming soon!

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