Mount San Jacinto




^^View from afar^^


So, our last afternoon in Palm Springs was spent doing something adventurous, which means riding the Aerial Tramway 8,500 feet up to the top of the San Jacinto Mountain.  Whoa.  Such a cool experience!  While we were at ground level the temperature was probably around 80 degrees given that we were in the middle of the desert, but at the very top of the mountain… patches of snow were still present from winter and the temperature (obviously) changed dramatically! 30 degrees!  I don’t think a lot of people had taken the time to research where they were going because there were definitely those who showed up wearing shorts, tank tops, and sandals.  I felt a little sorry for them… not really ;) they didn’t stay very long.  I must say, for $25 per person to ride the tramway up and back, it was absolutely worth it.  The lines were not long, the trams are constantly running so there was no hurry to leave, and the food wasn’t bad either.  Loved it!



^^View from the restaurant (Peaks) where we had lunch!^^







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