30 Things I have Learned from my 20’s

Since my Roaring 20’s are coming to an end and my Flirty 30’s will be here before I know it, I decided to reflect back on the last decade and make a list of 30 lessons learned.

1. If the music is good, dance.

2. Even skinny girls need to work out.

3. Haters are gonna hate… but remember… lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

4. Traveling is money well spent.

5. Drinking and driving is for the birds. Get a cab.

6. Always, always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen.  Or better yet, self tan!  Wrinkles, sunspots, and cancer are not worth your temporary goddess-like glow.

7. Judging others does not make you better than them. It just makes you mean.

8. You do not need to have kids in your 20’s!!

9. Men love (and marry) classy ladies.

10. Take LOTS of pictures! They will be proof that you were once cool.

11. Wine > Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Beer, Etc…

12. Choose your friends wisely, quality over quantity. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

13. Dogs are a huge responsibility and a great stepping stone before having kids.

14.  Kindness is free.

15. Be thankful & appreciate everything , especially time with loved ones.

16. The sweet, handsome, smart, practical guy (with straight teeth) is the better choice ;)

17. Always splurge on handbags and shoes. (learned this in my late 20’s)

18. Apologize when you are wrong.  You will feel better when you are forgiven.

19. Skipping class/work every now and then to go to the beach is always worth it.

20. If you are wearing a low cut shirt, don’t show too much leg.  If you are showing off your stems, cover the girls up top.

21. Having good taste can outweigh having lots of money.

22. Hole in the wall restaurants are better than chains.

23. Social media sucks and we shouldn’t let it consume our lives.

24. Don’t feel bad for being honest.

25. If the company you work for offers a 401k, take it, and contribute the max amount they will match.

26. Men’s deodorant & razors are WAY better than women’s.

27. Stay in school for as long as possible because the real world is not nice. Or fair.

28. Credit cards are not my friend.

29. When someone approaches you to be on a reality TV show, just say NO!

30. My mom was right… about everything.

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