Counting My Blessings

















My family’s Thanksgiving dinner took place in Ohio this year and burrrrrrrrr!!!  It was was COLD!  My mom’s side of the family all live up north, so I was thankful I was able to spend the holiday with them since I don’t get up there as much as I would like.  The food was all prepared by 2PM, and I’m pretty sure everyone in my family had at least 3 plates of food throughout the day/ evening.  I loved seeing all of my cousin’s babies, some of which are now toddlers and will soon be big kids!  And of course spending time with my 90 year old grandma is always a treat.

Even though we don’t always notice them, there are blessings to be thankful for at all times.  I constantly have to remind myself to not let the material things I want cast a shadow on the value of the things I already have.  Health has no value, family has no value, love has no value.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Special thanks go out to my Aunt Patty who graciously opened up her home for everyone and for preparing majority of the food.  She is such a great hostess!  There was not an empty cup or plate the entire day!

**If you are wondering where Husband was (since he is not pictured in this post), he actually spent Thanksgiving with his family in Florida and was greatly missed!  I don’t think we will ever spend Thanksgiving (or another holiday) apart… that’s what happens when you allow your husband to make a holiday decision based on a football game ;) NEVER AGAIN!**

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