Costa Rica, Guanacaste :: Part 2

Zip Lining!

DSCN1832Now… the people who truly know me, know that I’m not very adventurous.  I pretty much stay away from anything dangerous or life threatening at all costs.  Zip lining for me is right up there with other idiotic acts such as bungee jumping & sky diving.  I mean… I’m seriously going to put all of my trust in a wire, holster, and some sort of wheeling contraption that barely attached to the mentioned wire that connected from one tree to another?!?  But I was determined to not be the sissy in the group.  I mean, I can’t be shown up by an 8 year old!

So they herded us up like cattle in the back of a truck bed and we started the trek up the mountains…DSCN1836

Spotted :: Monkeys

DSCN1843 DSCN1844 DSCN1846

Then we did it. There were 11 zip-lines to ride down and absorb all of the surroundings of Costa Rican landscaping.  I have a video of husband & I going down most of the lines so if anyone wants to see it, you are going to have to come hang out.  Not going to post on the blog, sorry.



You know… I’m so glad I grew the man parts to do this.  And I am pretty sure I will do it again if presented the opportunity!

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