Happy Birthday, America!

I love the Fourth of July!

It’s probably my second favorite holiday behind Halloween…  I love all of the patriotic quotes that fill my newsfeed on Facebook, I love spending time with family & friends just eating, swimming, laughing, etc… it makes me smile that so many small details turn red, white, & blue for the holiday… things like cupcakes, napkins, bathing suits, dog collars… seems like anything & everything can be transformed to celebrate the U.S.A.!

Today was pretty awesome!  Husband, the dogs, & I went to my in law’s house to lounge around the pool all day… Isn’t their backyard beautiful?  My father in law grilled some burgers, mother in law made her delicious sangria & orzo salad, the dogs did some swimming… my parent’s are in town so my mom came by to joke around & laugh with :)

It was just a little (very) gloomy due to the fact that my dad has been in the hospital for the last few days.  He had a bad infection in his foot & had to have surgery, BUT the surgery went well so hopefully we will start seeing some improvement to his health.  Lots of thoughts and prayers for him!!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe holiday! :)

God bless America… land of the free and home of the brave!

Happy Birthday, America!

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