Well… here we go!

So… I have started a blog.

I must let everyone know that I’m not a writer.  In fact, I hate writing. I know what you’re probably asking yourself right now… why is she starting a blog if she’s not big on writing?!?  I asked myself the same thing and I really have no answer for you other than: because I wanna! Ha!

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the late Andy Warhol, “I never read.  I just look at pictures.”, and this rings so true for me.  Most of my blog will document the amazingly boring lives that Husband (as I will continue to refer to him throughout the blog) & I lead. That being said, the blog will consist of mostly pictures and small blurbs of where we went & what we did. If that’s what you enjoy then I’m sure we can be friends (if not in real life, then maybe via our cyber life).

My goal is to keep this personal with stuff from the past and moving forward to infinity and beyond! Time to have some fun!

Cheers y’all.

Well… here we go!

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