Bergen, Norway

Whoa whoa whoa!  Two posts in one week?!?  Who am I?!?

Bergen was our final stop on the cruise so we decided to hire a private driver and have them guide us through their town.  First stop: Mount Fløyen to ride the funicular named Fløibanen!


The funicular system was able to take us to the top of the mountain, about 1300 ft, in about 8 minutes.  Once at the top there is a lookout area where you can see the entire peninsula of Bergen.  We were even able too see our Disney ship!  Can you see it in the picture above?

When we got back to the bottom, our driver dropped us in the city center also known as Bryggen where there are many shops and restaurants to enjoy.  It is such a picturesque area of town, I enjoyed all the Christmas shops and the boys enjoyed seeing all the boats! We also walked through the fish market!










Our last visit in Bergen was the aquarium.  The sea lions really know how to entertain the children!  Highly recommend if you are in Bergen with your kiddos- my boys went crazy over these guys and it was entertainment for hours!





Here is a picture I got of our ship… I didn’t write much about the actual Disney cruise experience this time because for those who have been following along, we did a Disney cruise through Alaska a year ago and I went into deep detail about how much we loved the Disney experience via the ship.  It was wonderful again this year and we have already got a placeholder for our next one!  It’s the only way we will cruise until these kids are a little bigger…



That concludes the Norway trip!  I hope that we are able to visit again in the future- I feel we only barely scratched the surface of this great country, but feeling very fortunate to have been able to see and do all that we did with our family!  Thanks Disney!

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