Pulpit Rock

This hike was intense.  Like, really intense.  No barriers anywhere, even when looking down into the fjord, absolutely nothing holding you back from a fall to your death. But dang was it awesome!

The one day we left the boys on the boat was to hike to Pulpit Rock.  Yes, this is where Tom Cruise was hanging over the cliff in the last Mission Impossible.  It was cold. It was raining. And there were tons of people!  People of all ages and health! It was a long, tiring day, but well worth all the effort :)

Nothing more to say, just wanted to update the blog because pretty soon it will be Christmas and I have really fallen behind on my posts…  Lots of exciting things happening around here!  Can’t wait to update with stuff other than the cruise we took back in September! I mean, since then we have been to Cabo with my in laws, Napa with some of our best friends, and Husband & I did our annual NYC trip last week.  None of those will make the blog, but boy, we have been busy!








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